Posted by Janie on 29/08/2012

As a NZ citizen in Australia, will my children have to pay international fees for higher education? (polytechnic, university)

We currently have NZ permanent residency (came from the UK 8 years ago). We are going through the process of gaining citizenship now. Am I correct in thinking that we do not have to pay for my daughter attending a state school (except for the extra curricular stuff and trips etc)? I also want to know if she went on to higher education at a Uni of Polytech whether we would have to pay international fees?
Any info would be great.

#1 response from wabbajack at 23:38 on Thu, 30 August 2012

in aus, your children can attend state schools with just paying regular school fees much like any local. As for higher education, im pretty sure you pay normal fees like an Australian citizen. the only difference you cannot claim a student allowance or get a student loan as a NZ citizen.

#2 response from BP at 06:28 on Tue, 16 October 2012

You will need to get NZ citizenship then your children can attend Australian schools and unversities etc and be treated the same as Australians . But ...If they do go to University they cannot access any student loans (unless they go to a NZ one )

#3 response from BY at 02:58 on Wed, 7 February 2018

As far as I understand, kiwis will have to pay international fees for tertiary education and primary & secondary education are free for kiwis in public schools (same as aus). Any one got any idea/experience?

#4 response from M at 04:56 on Fri, 1 June 2018

I have the same question, we are thinking to move to Melbourne and are NZ Citizens, are the fees for NZers still dometic/free for primary and high school?
I know University will have to pay like in NZ but is that international or domestic rate?

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