Posted by honestalways on 09/08/2012

I'm moving to Australia, but I will have child support in NZ to pay.

What are the procedures I should take, forms I should fill out. What do the IRD need to know. Any other advice for an honest bloke who only works to pay his child support and can barely survive off the wage he is earning to support himself?

#1 response from graciedeska at 12:43 on Mon, 20 August 2012

Hi there,

You can find information here about leaving the country while paying child support:

In the FAQ they say:
Before you go overseas, please contact Inland Revenue Child Support to discuss your plans and circumstances as they may significantly affect how much child support you're required to pay.

Some relevant issues are:

your overseas income, which we take into account in making child support assessments
whether or not you're a New Zealand citizen
how long you'll be overseas and what your remaining ties with New Zealand are
your contact details while overseas, which are important to us.

Here is the form to fill out before you move:

All the best!

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