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Posted by princess 14 years ago.

This is a fantastic forum...we are also looking to move to Australia. My question is: is the grass really greener on the other side?

We intend to sell our home and pack up our house to move over to Australia. Our car is a toyota van 1997 and we were thinking of taking it over in a 20ft container with whatever other belongings we can fit around the car. Is this even possible?

We have 3 kids (8,6,2). I am currently a stay-at-home mum and would like to stay at home again when we move to Australia - at least until our youngest is ready to go school.

My husband will be looking for work when we arrive and we will be renting for around $360 a week in the North Lakes area. It sounds like we won't be getting much in the way of benefits to help us.

Am I am just dreaming or could you actually live on one income over there with 3 kids? Any views would be much appreciated.

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Reply from melbs 11 years ago.

I've lived in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast for the last 4 years. Here is my take.

Great weather in all 3 places, good money if in the right jobs otherwise not that different from home (still slightly higher though) Bigger economy means more opportunities also aussies seem to have a culture of success that i sometimes find lacking in NZ

You can kiss the community feel goodbye in any large city over here and the racist attitudes (not just the aussies) can be a real bad buzz. Also the thing i've noticed is we as kiwis do not assimulate well as most long term kiwis i know still only have kiwi friends.

Great schools if you can afford to send your kids to a good one, otherwise look out!!! there is a lot of stuff over here like drugs that you really have to watch out for as it is very available also if you end up working and living and going to school in blue collar areas they can be really scummy the people.

All in all it's just like anywhere you'll go well with the right attitude, overall though i intend to move home sooner rather than later.

Reply from anonymous 11 years ago.

We moved to Adelaide 7 years ago and its been a hard slog. No jobs if you are late 40's 50's and I ended up cleaning after having a management role in Auckland.

Kiwis are a lot friendlier and happier people. We are looking seriously at moving back this year. Its been a good learning curve but its not where we want to spend the rest of our lives. No rugby culture here either.

Reply from lilly187 11 years ago.

My partner and I have been here in Perth for just over a year and have no regrets besides missing family.

We had no trouble at all finding jobs, I have noticed that employers will take a lot of crap from their employees, I don't think I'd ever see any of that behaviour tolerated by New Zealand employers.

To be honest there are more immigrants in the jobs I've been to than there are 'fair-dinkum' Ozzies. I've preferred to work as a casual employee rather than accepting permanent positions as you drop in pay when that happens, of course you sacrifice holiday and sick pay but we're here to move mountains in a short time not stay forever and a day.

We've both completed short courses just to make more money - after all that's why we made the move across - for the money. Every week we send $500AUD home for our savings, we've never been able to do that.

We have a very balanced life here now, we work, play and save, watching our savings grow is something we celebrate all the time. I guess Australia is what you make of it, through our time here we've met people who really wasted their time coming, they're doing nothing different and yes I think expected everything to fall in their laps for nothing.

On the flip side there are others who live by no limits and are living an awesome life and embracing everything on offer, I like to think we're a part of the latter. I enjoy everything Perth has had to offer, but I do love New Zealand.

Reply from gold-coast-kiwi 14 years ago.

Not worth bringing your van over as you will need to get it complainced etc. Just buy one over here.

I dont imgine you will get any benefits on arrival. Aussie is a good country. It economy is just so much bigger than NZ and you can feel that...however the racism does drag you down at times and many Australians can not pronounce the letter "H" correctly! It drives me nuts! They always say a very distinct "Haychhh" instead of "Ayech" sound.

In any event I came for the better weather and I have to say the Gold Coast cant be beaten on weather by anywhere I have lived in NZ.

I still think though at the end of the day that NZ is the better all around country. We are more caring and open minded but Aussie has a strong economy, great weather, and the Australian way of life is pretty easy for us Kiwis.

I would work here but wouldnt want my kids to go to school here for too long.

Reply from leo-tony 12 years ago.

My wife has just been layed off. Great ha. Not many jobs for the just over 50s. Have a boy in 5th form plus a daughter who is loooking for work but no luck. Is there anyone out there who has been or is in a similar boat.

Auss looks good but it is a big step. I'm not looking for garranties but a good chance.

Reply from mrs-s 12 years ago.

Hi there- we can over March 12 and it is the best move we have ever made - low living expenses an d higher income.. weather in QLD is beautiful and we are loving it and its been 6 months now.

Its hard or as easy as you make it.. we planned and planned down to the last little thing and so if something went a bit pearshaped we could cope... With a bit of hard work and preparation we have ensured that the grass was greener. you need to be clear about why your coming over and be prepared to work to settle in and make it work...I have heard of people just coming over and expecting it all to fall in their lap and then failing and then having to go back to NZ.. there is lots to buy and spend money on everything mostly is cheaper so a temptation is there for some people.... for us we came over here and hit the ground running - we have great jobs the child is in a good preschool and we are happy with the change... hope it helps :)

Reply from ridge1 12 years ago.

My partner and I are very seriously considering moving to Australia in march 2013. I'm an electrician and she is a registered nurse. We have no kids.

It looks as though she may be offered a position this week in Sydney But I have had nothing but closed doors so far. I can't help but think I might have better luck applying from an Australian address.

We have heard about the Cost of living and that the grass is not always greener in Oz but that aside we expect her job will yield as much as a 30% increase in income compared to NZ And mine by 15-25%.

This alone is enough to make us think hard about the move as we just aren't going to earn enough in NZ to achieve our goals in life.

Reply from nayita 12 years ago.

Hi there, We are thinking of moving too. My big problem is that my elder son will finish high school in a year and he can't get a student loan over there.

We have 5 children so my worries are their schooling and not having the money to pay for private schools.

Anyone with information about it?

Really appreciated

Reply from deb101 11 years ago.

We are also considering moving to the sunshine coast next year (2014) so my eldest daughter can sit NCEA here in NZ first and then maybe go to school there next year.

Not sure but I've heard from friends there that you can get $800-$1000 for having child/children in highschool and that as anywhere, there are good and not so good schools.

We want to get jobs before we go over and I'm trying to take this year to research so that we too hit the ground running and we are fully aware of the good and bad of moving. I know there is a shortage of jobs over there also, but probably better odds than where we are now in New Zealand.

Its 2 years before you obtain residency isn't it? And I heard it was about $8000 but unsure if this is for one person or a family and perhaps sometimes an employer can sponser you?

I think once you're a resident you are able to get student loans and benefits should you need them. I wasn't sure about this 45 year old cutoff and what thats about? is that for collecting pension or something of the like? Then again if you moved and were working for 10 or 20 years and became a resident then surely you would qualify for an australian pension?

If anyone is able to clarify these queries for me that would be fab! Sorry for all the questions, should have posted them rather than in a reply.

Many thanks for all the great tips, it's so great to hear from people :)

Reply from kiwichick2 11 years ago.

My partner and I are moving over in May . I have been working in a coal mine in NZ for the past 3 years . What do you think my chances are of getting into mining over there . I've heard it's much easier in WA but I really want to to stay east . Much easier to get home to my family . My partner is a builder so hopefully we will both be able to get good job's . Any advice on the mine's would be well received thank you xvacili

Reply from bp 11 years ago.

We moved to the Gold Coast last year . There is a lot of good stuff over here but also some things that are not so good . Its hard to get a job and there is an anti kiwi , anti immigrant feel at times . The weather is hot but you end up sweating all day unless you stay near the aircon . Its great coming here for holidays but I'd rather live in New Zealand .

Reply from melinda-in-seattle 11 years ago.

This is such a WONDERFUL and informative site! I am from Seattle, Washington (U.S) and am seriously considering moving to Sydney next summer 2014. I would love for the input and practical advice from the fellow readers of this site!

A little background on myself... I am 23 and work administratively in medical dermatology, and my boyfriend is 31 and a chiropractor. The hope is for us to each have about $5000 saved up beforehand, and then find a modest studio/apartment nearby a beach town in Sydney. I would then begin madly searching for a job, and he would then try to find a chiro office to be an associate at.

I would like some input on how easy/difficult it is to find a job there for an American with administrative skills, and any input on realistic financial issues for a young couple starting fresh in Sydney.

Thank you in advance :) -Melinda

Reply from moving-to-brisbane 11 years ago.

We are looking at moving over to Brisbane. I am wondering if it is better to take all your furniture with you or sell it and get when your over there. We were thinking of Freighting things like sheets, towels, cutlery etc but leaving furniture as although we have a house full of stuff it isn't the greatest. What do you suggest?

Reply from moomilkers 11 years ago.

Is anyone in the dairy industry in Oz and knows how it compares to NZ. We are on a great wicket here but want the Oz lifestyle for our children and the opportunity for myself to work off farm. any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Reply from needing-help-in-deciding-to-move-to-australia 6 years ago.

Hi, I am a single older woman living in NZ. My children live in Melbourne and Brisbane and have done for a long time.

I am a freelance author/editor/researcher/book reviewer. I am thinking of moving there to be nearer my kids. I would like some information on the likelihood of getting into Australia, plus how much pension would I expect to get from NZ, and does the Australian government top it up.

Would Medicare be available to me. I am trying to decide whether it would be financially viable for me. I am thinking of moving to the Sunshine Coast but it's hard to find the right information which allows me to decide whether its viable financially.

Also, being of a certain age with children living in Aussie, never wanting to return to NZ, is it likely I would be allowed to live there. Any help is really appreciated.

Reply from rare-japan 9 months ago.

Hi - it would be better to ask this question in a new post rather than as a reply in this thread.

Also, it sounds like you are living in NZ but are not a NZ citizen?

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