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Posted by komata 16 years ago.

Taking doctor-prescribed pills into Australia

My wife and I will be moving to Melbourne in a few months to become residents. Because of a medical condition, I am required to take two different types of doctor-prescribed pills per day for the rest of my life. I will of course be bringing these pills into the country with me when we move.

What are the rules/problems for bringing prescribed medicine into Australia and what do Australian Chemists (Pharmacies?) require in terms of 'paper work' before they will renew/honour a prescription?

Will they honour a New Zealand-issued prescription from my local GP?

If they won't, how does one find a local doctor and what are the likely costs of a visit?

1 reply on 02 March 2009.
Reply from kons2 15 years ago.

There are no problems of taking prescribed medicine into Aus as long as you declare them. To be safe I took the recepit with me and orignal packaging. You wont be able to fill a NZ prescription over there so you will have to find a doctor over there, I was in Perth and there was no shortage of doctors there.

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