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Posted by keen2move 16 years ago.

Should I sit my full driver's licence in New Zealand or in Australia?

Hi there, I'm currently on my NZ restricted licence. I'm contemplating whether to sit my full licence here or in Aussie. I've heard that NZ full licence holders can automatically switch to an Australian full licence. Thanks.

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Reply from kiwi-chick 16 years ago.

Best thing would be to look into licence requirements in the state you are moving to. In all instances if you are on a full in NZ you can get it changed over here to a Full auzzie.

BUT - if you are on restricted there are various rules/regulations around what you can & can't do. Also Restricted drivers must have a "P" displayed on their car which means you cant drive outside hours etc.

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

You don't always get a full license in Australia just because you have your NZ full license. In Victoria, you must have held your restricted + full for a combined total of 3 years to get a full license, and you must be 21 or older (as Victoria counts from your 18th birthday).

This also seems to apply to just your restricted license. If you have had it for 3+ years and are 21 or older then you will transfer to a full Victorian license.

You can use this overseas license transfer checker to see what you will get here in Victoria:

Reply from fashionat85 16 years ago.

My friend was on his restricted in NZ and moved to SYD and was put on his P plates. BUT... because he had been driving 4 years in NZ he automatically got his AU full licence instead.

Reply from frankie 16 years ago.

If at all possible get your full licence before you come over - it will be much easier for you.

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

Not really. Often you just need to have had your restricted license for 3+ years and you will get a full license. It depends on which state you are moving to.

In Victoria you also need to be 21 or older to get your full license.

Reply from chicaposh 16 years ago.

My brother moved to Brisbane on his NZ Restricted and got his full Aussie Licence automatically

Reply from mishellshell 16 years ago.

My friend recently moved to Perth on her restricted, because she had had it for a few years all she had to do was fill out a form and they gave her a Full license!

Reply from susan-in-perth 16 years ago.

Perth - All you need is your NZ licence fill in the forms, pay a fee, do an eye test, take a photo then a temporay licence will be issued until your actual card is posted.

Reply from meme 15 years ago.

what about a nz learners license wat would i get?have had for a few years?

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

You will get a learner license here in Australia. It is only a restricted or full license that can lead to you getting a full license here without sitting a test.

Reply from jj 15 years ago.

hey can anyone tell me about melbourne im on my full licence for classes 1 to 5. car and truck how much does it cost and do u have to sit ur tests again?


Reply from yoyo 15 years ago.

i have my NZ full licence, to get it changed to an Aussie full licence will it cost? if so how much? are the rules in aUssie very different?

Reply from bigboi 14 years ago.

hi can anyone help me, i am thinking on moving back to aussie. i was in brisbane in 1992 or93, i got my full mc license there now im disquilified in nz, can i just renew my license in perth or not. thanx.

Reply from julie 14 years ago.

In victoria you cannot drive until you are 18 years of age, it doesnt matter if you have a full nz licence or not. I have a 18 year old who has a full nz licence and he can only get his "P" plate here as you have to hold your "P"s for 4 years.

Reply from sheetal 14 years ago.

Hi Their,

I wanted to check I am moving to Melbourne in July.

I am on NZ restricted lic for 3 years.

What do I have to do to get Ausssie full license.

Many Thanks for the help guys.



Reply from divmise12 14 years ago.

I have a NZ Restricted Licence and because I have had it for 3 + years I was put on an Open (Full) Licence here. So if you have had your Restricted for 3 + years you will be giving your Open (Full) straight away. I paid $80 for my Open (Full) Licence thats for five years. Im only talking about QLD I dont know how it is in other states.

Reply from kiwi-in-aussie 13 years ago.

my wife had her nz restricted licence and she transferred it over with out any problems as we had the paper work from nz land transport which you can get before you come over and now she has a full nsw drivers licence not restricted as she had restricted for around five years if on restricted you need to attach P plates

Reply from john-doe 13 years ago.

Hey, I was just wondering whether I just did my class 2 (full) licence in N.Z. and had had it for 2 months, what are my chances if I went to change it over to HR instead of MR???

They usually ask, how long have you had your class 2 for??? If you say 3 years, would they find it in the system whether you had it for 3 years?? I was just curious because I know a couple people who are N.Z. residents that are migrating in Australia and they've had there class 2 for a thew months and said they've had it for 2 to 3 years and got to sit there HR Licence (which is equivalent to a class 4 Licence in N.Z.).

Is it possible for Australia to figure out how long you've been driving class 2?

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

Often you will need to get a certificate of particulars from the NZTA (in Victoria at least) as part of transferring your license. So you can't just say you've had it for longer than you actually have - it will be on the certificate of particulars.

Reply from liverpool 13 years ago.

hi, just wondering if I have just got my NZ full licence, and moving to queensland soon what Aussy licence will I get? will it be restricted or will it be full? thanks.

Reply from moving-to-adelaide 13 years ago.

I'm moving to Adelaide soon and I've had my NZ restricted for 4years now and am over 19years old.. can I get my full South Australian license or do I have to have South Australian resticted/P2?? I contacted the SA transport agency and they were really really unclear - some staff said I can get full SA license as I'm over 19 and had my NZ restricted for over 3 years (like NSW and QLD) BUT then others said no, I can only get Aussie equivalent = P2 and the latest one (the most infuriating answer yet) said that South Australia recognises NZ restricted license as being equivalent to South Australian LEARNERS license!! Because of current circumstances, I'm unable to sit my NZ full license.

Reply from answer 13 years ago.

For the above SA/NZ restricted licence question ^ . I e-mailed the SA government and got this response (hopefully they stick with this answer and don't chop and change!):

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please bring written evidence from the New Zealand Licensing authority regarding your current licence as well as your New Zealand photo driver’s licence. You should be eligible for a full South Australian licence.

An applicant who holds, or has held within the preceding five years, a New Zealand Driver’s Licence, is exempt from the requirement to undertake and pass a practical driving test for all licence classes. A New Zealand class 5 Heavy Vehicle Driver’s Licence will not automatically convert to a South Australian Multi Combination (MC) classification. You may be issued with a Heavy Combination (HC) classification in the first instance. If you wish to obtain the MC class you must provide evidence from an employer in New Zealand that you have operated multi combination vehicles in New Zealand.

To apply for a South Australian Driver’s Licence you will need to attend a Service SA Customer Service Centre with evidence of your identity. Please refer to website for a list of accepted documents:'s+licence/Evidence+of+identity

Identification will be your current NZ Driver’s Licence, passport and documentation from Category B, e.g. Medicare card, financial institution account card with signature and embossed name, and your South Australian residential address, e.g. rental/lease agreement, utilities bill (an electricity or gas for example) or bank statement.,+travel+and+motoring/Boating+and+marine/Boat+operators,+licences+and+permits/Evidence+of+age+and+identity

An Application for Driver’s Licence needs to be completed which can be downloaded here:

A photo of you will be taken, and a temporary Driver’s Licence will then be issued. Your photographic licence will then be posted to you. A South Australian Driver’s Licence can be obtained for a period between 1 and 10 years. The fee is $37.00 per year plus a $17.00 administration fee.

Kind regards, staff SERVICE SA Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure

Reply from anonymous 13 years ago.


I have had My NZ Restricted for two months I am moving over to Queensland austrailia can i transfer it over and if so what documentation do i need?

thanks Jemima :)

Reply from brandon 13 years ago.

Moving over to brisbane next weekend for good. Been on my restricted for over 7 years now. Im turning 24 in april. I dont have enough funds to sit my full license in New Zealand, so what would I have to do to sit my full license in queensland? Or will they put me on "P" plates? If so, for how long do I have to be on them for before I sit my full license?

Reply from dan 12 years ago.

Hey i have recently moved to victoria, ive had my NZ restricted license for 1 year, if i go back to nz to get my full would i be able to transfer it to a vic full or would i go onto p's either way ? im only 17

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

You can't drive at all in Victoria until you are 18 years old, so you won't be able to get any license.

Reply from trishie 12 years ago.

Hi, I'm moving to Karratha, Western Australia in April this year, I have had my restricted NZ Licence for about 8-9 years, will that just convert into an Australian Full? Or should i sit my nz full before i leave?

Reply from kylie 12 years ago.

Hi Trishie / All.

I am in the same position as you and was just wondering what you have found out and whether you will be able to convert your licence to a Australian full. ie Restricted NZ licence for 10yrs moving to Western Australia.

If anyone else has an answer that would be fantastic.

Reply from kiwi 12 years ago.

hey man i was wondering if the new zealand equivalent is to hold your learner licence for 6 months does that equal your p plates here? or will i have to wait an additional 5-6 months again ? or do i needa change it and fully start again here? cheers :)

Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

Hi kiwi, - what state are you moving to in Australia? The rules on driver's licences vary from state to state...if you have had your learner licence for 6 months or less, you'll most likely be given a Learners or P1 licence here (P1 is like a restricted licence, early level). If it's longer than that you might go onto P2 (restricted second level).

But as I said it varies a lot. And if you are under 17 (or 18 in Victoria) you won't be able to get a licence in Australia at all until you reach the minimum age requirement.

Reply from j-smith 12 years ago.

I have my class 2 truck licence that I obtained in New Zealand ,could I transfer it.

Reply from ness 12 years ago.

We are looking at relocating to perth what licence in nz can you transfer over so that you can drive the road trains there?? thanks

Reply from goldminer 12 years ago.

moved to queensland a month ago, on a NZ restricted when i change it over ,do i get P plates or straight to an open license?

Reply from mazza 12 years ago.

hey all, Ive just past my NZ restricted practical driving test this morning and i am moving to Brisbane next week, what sort of license will i get there?

Reply from carisma18 12 years ago.

hi @ mazza,

You will need to have held your NZ restricted licence for a set amount of time, if you wish to convert to QLD full. Otherwise you will get the p1/p2 - australian equivalent depending on your age. over 25 you will go on p2. under 25 variuos conditions apply.

visit for more information regarding licences from NZ & transferring to QLD.

Reply from monique 11 years ago.

Hi everyone! I moved to WA when I was 16 so I have owned my learners licence for nearly 3 years now. I am nearly 18 living in WA. I wasn't able to afford to go for my restricted back in NZ hence why I am still on my learners. So what would that be equivalent to here in WA?

If it means I have to start ALL the way over again, can I just go to NZ for a holiday to get my restricted then transfer it here to a full licence?

Your help would be muchly appreciated!

Cheers :)

Reply from roo 11 years ago.

Depending on what state you are moving too.

For WA if you haven't had your NZ full licence for two years they put you on your 'Ps'. This happened for my partner, as he only got his NZ full, 2 days before moving to WA. Whereas if you have your NZ restricted, i'm not quite certain, but I have been told they would just put you on your 'ps' anyway. So best bet is to stay on restricted :)

@Monique Your right. If you have a NZ Learners, WA does not 'recognise' it, and you have to start again despite of how long you've had it for. This happened to me. Sadly, if you were to go back to NZ and get your restricted, it is required that you have it for 2 years before moving onto 'Ps' in WA, unless you say that the date on your licence, was the issue date for a renewal card, as you 'lost' your previous card, but you've had your licence for 2 years previous. You probably shouldn't do that, but I know someone that has gotten away with that and they have not followed it up at all!!

Reply from nz-oldie 11 years ago.

I will be moving to Sydney N.S.W. this year 2013, I have had my restricted licence in NZ for just over three years. Will I need to sit a full licence here, will I get transferred to a full licence in N.S.W. or will I get P plates only. Thank you for any help.

Reply from singh 11 years ago.

A NZ MR licence will get you NSW MR licence, but you got to sit the theory test at RTA

just read the booklet on the website and sit your theory test (very easy) Not sure about HR whether that can get transfered here..

They say HR licence is easier in NSW rather in NZ

Reply from singh 11 years ago.

Note: Dont rely on the customer support of RTA to tell you what you are eligible to get, I have been extremely misled by these guys. I did my own research and found that I was eligible for direct conversion rather than sitting any tests at all. I then complained to the RTA inregards to this, they simply said "Sorry about that, the regulations aren't very clear for NZ Citizens.."

Moral of the story: Do your own research on the RTA website, dont let anyone (RTA) tell you what you are eligible for

Reply from kiwiinqld 11 years ago.

Hi, I have had my NZ restricted licence since 2007 and I'm 21. What licence would I receive in QLD? Would I get an open licence because of the amount of time I've been on my restricted in NZ? Thanks.

Reply from kita 11 years ago.


U would go onto your open but just be aware because u may go on to your green ps for a year because you are under the age of 25? I am 25 this year and I get my open licence if 25 this year or turning 25 before u go for your licence u go straight to your opens hence why I'm only getting my opens this year.... Good luck

Reply from laura 11 years ago.

I have had my restricted for 1 year, 4 months and have done a defensive driving course. I am moving to Perth. What licence will i be on?

Reply from josh 11 years ago.

can some one tell me what i can drive in vic and nsw on my new zealand class4 licence,,,,,,,please,,nobody seems to answer this question

Reply from tash 11 years ago.

Hi does anyone know if ive had my NZ restricted license for 3 months what will that convert to in Vic?

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.
Reply from awhina 11 years ago.

Have had my restricted for only few months and am under 25 what license will I be on in NSW and am moving to VIC after can I drive there with a NSW license?

Reply from sharnaj 11 years ago.

I have held a valid NZ restricted license for 3-4 years now, i turn 24 this year, i am moving to Brisbane in May, will i get a full AUS license if i am to convert it when i get over there?? Thanks Sharn =)..

Reply from kiwiinqld 11 years ago.

I just rang to enquire about my NZ restricted being transferred over to an AUS Open or green Ps and apparently when you fill in your forms and take it into land transport they will then contact NZ transport to sort out your driving record and what not which will determine what licence is available to me, here's hoping its an open!

Reply from lexy 11 years ago.

Hi i've held my learner license for 9 years, what license would they put me on if i go to Perth. can someone help me please


Reply from ajs 11 years ago.

If you have had your NZ restricted for over 2 years then you will automatically get your AU licence( well QLD, NSW and WA) over here. They base it on the fact that you have been driving by yourself, so it really doesn't matter if you sit your full.

My bro n law ad his mr licence for a few months in nz and it gt transferred to his WA licence and he just sat hid HR over there and gt that pretty much straight away. Asfor the suspended licence, they cant pick up on it as they go by when your licence was issued. If you don't have your actual licence card you can geta certificate of particulars from NZTA

Reply from joy 11 years ago.

I am 21 yrs old. The issue date for my full license is 02/04/2012, but I have had my resticed license for a year before this. I am in Perth and want to convert my license to a Australian licence. Would I be placed on P Plates or full license. Thanks

Reply from browngal15 11 years ago.

Hi there i have held a vic learners license for over 5 years going on to 35 what license do you reckon i will get when i move back to NZ?

Reply from kiwi 10 years ago.

Hi I have a been on my new zealand learners license for 5 years and moving to Melbourne, Victoria. Will I be able to change it to a p plate?

Reply from jibba 9 years ago.

Hi. Ive been on my NZ restricted for 10 months now. What licence will i get if i transfer it to a QLD licence?

Reply from new-bee 9 years ago.

Hi, Im 16 and moving across to Brisbane from NZ.. Should i sit my NZ learners before coming over? What are the benefits? Or will it make no difference??

Reply from kiwiman 9 years ago.

Over 25 years old, just got restricted,

will I be able to convert to full license in Perth/WA?

Cheers to any help.

Reply from nigel-dylan 9 years ago.

Hello fellow Kiwis! I have recently moved to Queensland from WHANGAREI! woo! WHG! I am on my learners license for two years, I would just like to know if anyone had any information about how the transfer would work for me? (Would I go straight on my P1? Have to sit a P1 test? Or start fresh with a complete Queensland Learners?)

I would be very happy with a reply. Thank you so much! GO THE KIWIS!

Reply from nzerinmelly 9 years ago.

Hey folks. Have been on my restricted since November 2009. Moved to Melbourne 2 months ago. Just trying to clarify what this will mean for me here. I'm 29 now, will this mean I go to a full license here or not?

Reply from nzerinmelly 9 years ago.

Sorted. For those unsure, if you've got a history of driving for a few years and you're my age (29) you get converted over to a full license in Victoria and some other states. Hit up NZTA for a certificate of particulars and then go to VIC Roads. Book an appt over the phone first.

Reply from nz-baller 9 years ago.

Converting my license. Older then 21 Held NZ restricted license for 8 months Am I required to do a theory test or practical tests? In order to obtain NSW P2 drivers license

Reply from nz-baller 9 years ago.

License conversion Nz restricted licence held for 8months In the process of applying for NSW drivers license am I required to sit any tests besides the eye test?? Would appreciate any help.

Reply from kezza 8 years ago.

We live in QLD and my son is on QLD red P plates and is going back to NZ to live, does anyone know what plates he will be on when he gets back to NZ or what he has to do. He has only had his QLD red P plates for 11 months.

Reply from maya 8 years ago.

Hi I'm from NZ, had my motorcycle learners licence for three years, am 30 years old, and have just gained my NZ restricted. Im wanting to know if I can just transfer this in Vic, or if they will just give me my full? I know this has been answered for car, but I have looked on Vic roads website, and called and have been given very different info. Any clarity would be a great help, thanks in advance.

Reply from john-v 8 years ago.

I have a NZL Full License but a red P in NSW Australia. Just wondering if I am able to transfer my Full NZL License to an Australian Full License instead of having to go through two licenses. Please and thanks.

Reply from kylaskin 7 years ago.

I have had my NZ LEARNERS DRIVERS LICENCE for 7 years i am 23 yrs old now. Will I be able to obtain a P1 Queensland Licence if I applied?

Reply from caitlin 7 years ago.

Hi my name is Caitlin I moved to New Zealand 7 months ago currently been on my Australian Learner licence for a year what would I be in nz would I be tranfered to a restricted?

Reply from bob 6 years ago.

Im 22 and moving to Perth... I am going to get my full NZ Licence before moving... I read an article that said 25yr and younger will need to sit a theory and practical driving this true? or is that only if the old one has expired?

Reply from kiana 3 years ago.

Hi I’m 16, going on to 17, my family’s moving over to Australia, what license would I go to and is it easier to go for full in Australia or NZ?

Reply from kiwiguy23 11 years ago.

Bro I just done some research for my 15 year old son who just obtained his learners and I cannot believe how long it takes to get an Australian licence. Also the amount of restrictions on the driver. How is a teenager supposed to experience life if they are put on lock down. I honestly feel bad for all you kids in Australia, guess you will never know what it's like to just be free.

Yes I do understand that some of the teens have the influence of drugs/alcohol. But why ruin it for all of them? You should all come to New Zealand to get your drivers licence. Atleast you will be free by the time you are 16.

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