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Posted by anonymous 16 years ago.

Problem getting a driver's license in Australia

I recently moved to Sydney (2 days ago) and when I applied for my drivers license, the lady keep saying I am not a resident and that I need to provide her documentation once I became an Australia Permanent resident in order for me to extend the expiry date on my license. She put a condition on my license for the residency and I will need to renew it every 12 months.

Nothing like this applied to any of my friends that moved from NZ to Australia, is it a new rule??

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Reply from kiwi 16 years ago.

Are you a NZ citizen? If you are then you should be considered a resident for obtaining a drivers licence. The rules for temporary residents getting a NSW licence is fairly new (I got mine a few years ago.. and there was no distinction between permanent residents (incl NZ citizens) and temporary residents). If you find you are having trouble at a particular RTA, then just go to another one. Chances are that the person serving you just got confused or have no idea what they're doing.

Reply from cheers 15 years ago.

I think the residence evidence the law requires is a permanent address, (rental arrangement or a utility bill in your or spouses name - or something else that proves that you are living here permanently) If someone held a New Zealand licence for 3 years, NSW RTA issues a NSW licence on paying a fee. My friend just had NZ Restricted licence for 3 years, now he got a full licence in NSW without any test at all.

Reply from nz-restricted 11 years ago.

Hi I am leaving for Sydney N.S.W Ausralia in the next couple of months and I wondered what is happening now with the NZ Restricted licence when you go to get your Australian licence. Do you go onto a full NSW licence or do you have to go on P plates? I am an older adult and have had my NZ restricted licence for 3 years now. Thank you for any help offered.

Reply from alias61 9 years ago.

Hi i am leaving New Zealand to move to Brisbane. I have class 1 2 4L 6L F W T R. I just would like to know for my 4L 6L would these convert to restricted or full

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