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Posted by tomas 11 years ago.

Pregnancy and birth in Australia

Hi, Me and my wife are from Europe and we've got PR subclass 175. We are not in Australia now but we want to move there soon. My wife is pregnant and we don't know anything how it works there. For example we'll move there in 5th month of pregnancy. I only will be working there she stays at home because nobody will give her a job in hers condition. My question is that what expenses we will have to pay??? I mean: doctor (regular checks, ultrasound etc.), birth, stay at hospital after birth and..? Will she have to right to get parental benefit or she will be just sitting at home with the baby for free and I have to pay all expenses?

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Reply from graciedeska 11 years ago.

Hi there,

As permanent residents of Australia you'll be able to get free hospital care for the birth and either free or subsidised doctor checkups leading up to the birth.

You'll also be able to get the baby bonus if you have the baby in Australia:

You will also be able to claim some family tax benefits, depending on your household income. You can find more information here:

Reply from planned-c-section 9 years ago.


I recently got a PR to Australia and will be travelling soon. My wife is pregnant and we are planning to have the baby there. The first child we had to have a C-Section as she was not able to go for a normal delivery. My wife wants to go for C-Section for the second baby in Australia.

Will she be eligible for the medicare for a planned C-Section or will I have to bear the charges. I don't have any idea on this. Please help.

Thanks, Ravi