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Posted by horace 11 years ago.

Owing money in NZ.

I owe about 20,000 dollars to the bank in NZ, I came to australia looking to work in the mines thinking i could pay off my bank loan really fast but the mine job did not workout and now i'm stuck with this debt, will i be able to visit nz for a holiday or will i be detained at the airport, please help me out here...

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Reply from graciedeska 11 years ago.

The government won't detain you in Customs for what is a private loan with a bank. It is up to the bank to chase you for the money, but they don't have any power to get you detained at Customs when you are crossing in and out of New Zealand.

Reply from worried-mother 10 years ago.

Hi just just wondering if you got stopped when leaving NZ to come back to Australia, as I am in the same position as you. I want to go back home but have a 4grand bank loan and don't want to get stopped at customs

Reply from jane-mary 9 years ago.

What if you owe WINZ...can they stop you leaving NZ to go back to Australia ??

Reply from ask-the-correct-authority 9 years ago.

If I owe money to the IRD and Baycorp, would this prevent me from leaving New Zealand?

Reply from ratbags 6 years ago.

hi apparently the courts filed a judgement summary in NZ against us, although the plaintiff has not forwarded it to us. Can we still travel in and out of Australia to visit family in NZ?