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Posted by poppypink 11 years ago.

Overdraft - Can I pay it off from Oz?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to move to Melbourne in a month. The only debts I have is my student loan and a $1000 National Bank Overdraft. I can not afford to pay my overdraft before I go, can I leave the country and start paying it off while I am in Australia?

I will be looking for a job once I move over, therefore there will be NO money in my account other than the negative amount for a few weeks. Any suggestions how I go about paying it? Do I talk to the bank before I go?

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Reply from wabbajack 11 years ago.

Overdraft is nothing, its not like a loan where you have to pay regular weekly payments. and paying it from oz is a piece of piss, its pretty much like a money transfer, much like how you would pay someone after buying something off trademe, arrives in nz bank account 1-2 days. wouldnt worry to much about it, 1k aint that much.