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Posted by mandyw 13 years ago.

Opinions please: New South Wales vs Queensland??

We are a Kiwi family relocating to Australia next year (2012). I am pretty much guaranteed a job regardless of which state we decide on...but would like to hear your opinions on whether to head for (fairly coastal) NSW or Queensland. What are the good towns, bad ones...any info at all would be very much appreciated. Have been to both on holidays, but realise there's a difference between holidaying somewhere and actually settling there.

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Reply from ex-kiwi 13 years ago.

ex chch kiwis living in Coolangatta NSW. Lovely spot beautiful beaches etc Not so populated and commercialised at the end of the gold coast. Living on the border bwtn qld and nsw no problem. Use M1 highway all the time great traffic flow unless accident slows up flow. We like tweed heads quieter and not so busy as gold coast. Our children changed primary schools twice before we got what we wanted - but all in all v happy here. My email if you want more info. All the best.

Reply from moviefan 13 years ago.

Read by post....Anyone considering immigrating to NSW???

Depending on your jobs, I'd say YES you are definitely better off. Akld to Sydney here 18 months ago. There is so much competition here, and so many shops, consumer items are going at very good prices. Groceries are cheaper, over all. Petrol incredibly cheap. Rego cost more /year, but you dont have a warrant here. Sydney is very busy, fast , overcrowded and IMPATIENT, but its a beautiful city!! Get yourself on Medicare for your Doctors bill immediately...they give you 90% of the cost back. As I said, penal(ty) rates at the weekend in NSW, dont know about other states!

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