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Posted by 6kays 15 years ago.

Moving on a tight budget - doable?

Hi - We have a job offer but it doesn't include relocation. We would be able to scrape together between 6-8K AUD to move a family of 6 ( 2 adults, 4 kids). Is that enough to get by until the first pay?

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Reply from julie 14 years ago.

hey there, we moved over here two years ago, my husband myself and 4 kids and we arrived with $8 and we had no job to go to and we survived. We had a few rough weeks but it has all worked out well for us in the end...

Reply from peter 13 years ago.

Yes it definitly is, but the best bet would be to come over by yourself and get settled, job, place etc then bring the family over, maybe with the furniture. It cost us 8knz to ship a 20fter to Perth.

Reply from donnyb 13 years ago.

Hi-we r moving to melbourne on a budget 2,with our 4 younger children 2 in June this yr; tho they r all teenagers. My husband has been offered a job close by our oldest daughter & her family. He has been in the building industry for 15yrs and is tired & only 39 & he wants a rest from it for a little while. So we moving there in June. I can apply for a job there with the same organization i work for here. (I am not getting re-located by them, tho that'll be great!) We do not have a lot of money & but would like to bring over our 2 vehicles & some of our furniture that r still in excellent condition plus appliances whiteware our king size bed linen etc but all in one container. Does anyone know if that's even possible? & if so how much for? so we can plan & budget for.

thanx for any help

By the way this is an excellent site ! have found alot of answers to our questions

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