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Posted by salty-baba 15 years ago.

Moving my pet cat from New Zealand to Australia

My cat is with my mother at the moment but she is moving to Australia soon and I want her to bring my cat. However I am in need of step-by-step instructions from beginning to end. I know I can get someone to do it for me, but I have been told I would be saving money if I did all the leg work myself. Please help. My cat's in Auckland and I would like to get him to Brisbane. Thanks

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Reply from ally 15 years ago.

I am moving my Russian Blue and Burmese to Perth Australia in July and I am looking around for a good priced pet relocator. One firm quoted me $1900 for the two cats in the one cage however the firm that had the best price at $1160 is Global Pets. It will cost you less to transport one cat to the eastern seaboard (sydney etc). You can't take your cat as luggage on the airline like you can between the islands. They have to go through quarantine of approximately 48 hours. Talk to Global Pets and they will arrange it all for you. Hope that helps.

Reply from gold-coast-kiwi 14 years ago.

ditto to the comment above. globalpets are good.

I brought my 2 Burmese over.It cost about $1000 per cat though!!! I did not have any quarintine holding process and picked them up within 1 hour of the plane landing at Gold Coast Airport. It did take them a while to adjust to the heat. The local birds here are much more confident and stronger than the sparrows back in Christchurch. Some big birds here that the cats have no show at catching. Always entertaining watching them try to firgure out how to take down a fully grown Cockatoo. The bird watches them then hops down on the ground and hops towards the cats to say hi. They always look offended and startled and give up.

Reply from missing-my-cats 9 years ago.

Omg i so miss my 2 cats so do my boys they are with my dawters frend wich i am gr8ful for but i wana know a cheap price or advice on hw to get thm here to brizzy frm mangere..any advice wud be apreciated.. Havnt got much money at all,but am so missing them..whanau sed to get other cats but i feel like il b betraying them...😥😥miss them plzzzz.

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