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Posted by henryboy 12 years ago.

Is there an ACC equivelant in Oz and is it available for Kiwis and to what level?


In NZ we get some specialist care and surgery free under ACC. e.g. I've had many sports injuries over the years. One resulted in a chronic back problem that I have been seeing a specialist for and had minor surgery for. Without ACC this would've cost me thousands, with ACC it didn't cost a bean.

Also physio is only around $15 per visit (used to be free!!).

What's it like in Australia?

Thanks, Henry

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Reply from ben 11 years ago.

Hi Henry

There is no ACC in Australia. You would have to take out private health insurance, for which your conditions are likely to be excluded as they are "pre existing".

Your Physio may be covered my Medicare but I doubt it, check with otherwise these sorts of things in AU are very expensive. I was at the GP today and a consult was AUD70.