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Posted by girl1 12 years ago.

iphone plan help!

I am moving over to Brisbane from NZ end of next month, just wondering if anyone knows about iphone plans in Auz. My phone is currently on a plan here which i will be cancelling. Will it be possible to get put on a plan or even prepaid for iphone over there? I'm a bit worried about what to do or if i should just sell it here and buy one there? Any info on costs, etc.. would be much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

Hi there, iphone plans are a lot cheaper in Australia compared to New Zealand. I'm currently on a $20/month SIM-only plan with Vodafone for 50MB data Although it's a plan, it isn't a contract, so you can switch whenever you want. To be honest I'm thinking of switching to Telstra, which is more expensive but gives you better coverage. Damien is on the $59.95/month cap with Telstra, which gives you 2GB data

Reply from meme4 12 years ago.

Hi Guys

Just a quick question - do you know if any mobile companies/telco's in Australia include free minutes back to NZ or have cheap rates to NZ?



Reply from nzer99 11 years ago.

Hopefully my answer can help people looking at this forum in future!

It's best to check out Australia's mobile providers websites. You will find that their rates are much cheaper than in New Zealand. ie: Optus offers unlimited txts, calls (within Aus) and unlimited data for just $2 a day.

The most popular providers in Aus are Telstra (One of the best) Optus (one of the best) Virgin (Good) Vodafone (Not the greatest)

Vodafone tends to not have as good of a reputation as it does in NZ

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