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Posted by cairo1 13 years ago.

If a person owes money to the NZ IRD and lives in Australia, are they able to visit NZ and return to Australia without consequence?

I know somebody who owes money to the New Zealand Tax Department who moved to Australia. They would like to visit home but are afraid that they will get stopped at the airport and won't be able to return to Australia. I would like to know if they would be stopped or not?

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Reply from hbgirl 11 years ago.

They are cracking down on student loan overseas borrowers so under new legislation, from the beginning of next year they will intervene if you have not made any attempt to pay back your student loan whether it's court proceedings or not allowing you back out. 2 payments are due annually I think 31st march and 30th Sept. Payment amounts depend on what your student loan is.

Reply from been-there 9 years ago.

I got stopped at customs in Sydney leaving for Auckland. The Federal police told me to sort my child support out before i can fly. NZ are working with Australian income support. I'm a Maori NZ passport and have been flying back and forth for years. You just don't know when your number comes up.

Standing at Customs gate feel pain an shame man. The Customs and police were all good about it. Pissed off the luggage handlers as they had to look for shit on the plane, so I better ring child support Monday. Like to see my kids for Christmas.

Reply from mr-dobalina 5 years ago.

So I've been receiving Emails and now phone calls about a $5000 student loan from back in the day. I'm a kiwi living in Australia for the last 20 years I'm happy to pay the money back... Just not the 30,000 plus they're asking for.

I would like to travel "home" every once and awhile as i still think its the best place on earth. However I refuse to be milked for an agreement i entered into as an adolescent with a party that now uses that to charge an exorbitant total. I'd rather change citizenship.

Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

If it is child support debt or student loan debt then the IRD and Customs do share information so that the IRD can see when someone with money owing enters or leaves NZ (for student loans, this is on an ad-hoc basis only, but for child support debt Customs will be alerted immediately). However, I don't think that they are necessarily alerted for people with other tax debt entering the country - it probably depends on how large the debt is.

Reply from kiwi 12 years ago.

IF you go to australia to work and send money back to nz to pay off IRD and childsupport will there still be consequences? and how large is the childsupport amount have to be, to be stopped from leaving nz

Reply from mozziemo 12 years ago.

Ok, Ive found out a definate answer straight from IRD, you are allowed to leave NZ with a student loan debt, you have the option of paying back the debt 1 year after you leave the country.

Reply from damu 12 years ago.

if u paying back money to ird can u still apply for the citizenship for new zealand

Reply from gina 12 years ago.

well apparently my ex travels back here to nz all the time and owes me thousands in child support,i havnt received anything for 18yrs. Cann't understand why he's not getting stopped by customs,somthing not right there.

Reply from samoil 12 years ago.

i have debt in Australia from march 2008.i had to leave Australia that time and now i m living in Europe.i have debt 37000 $ in Australia and i want to back in Australia-but i want to know about my consekvences .i want to back 5 months.i need your opinion.regards

Reply from icallaustraliahome 11 years ago.

IRD can't stop you leaving the country unless the courts are involved then they may stop you. Best thing to do is call them and arrange payment,peace of mind for yourself at least.

Reply from fig-jam 11 years ago.

I'm an Australian citizen and passport holder of Australia and owe child support less than 500 dollars and want to visit nz to see my child would I be denied entry or stopped when trying to return home?

Reply from new-life 11 years ago.

Myself and my family are moving to perth to start a new life work,work,work. Im leaving my home land new zealand. We have 1 child. Just wondering if we will be entitled to any assistance ?? I know we can't get benefits(Not what were going there for anyways) !!!

Reply from trinrap 11 years ago.

If you have children you are eligible for the family tax benefit. Go to and you should be able to look up what your entitled to and how much you'll get.

Reply from c-kritz 11 years ago.

As soon as you get to Australia, apply for your TFN (Tax File number) as you will need it, you can start working without it (If the company will take you on) but you get tax alot more than if you have a TFN and also apply for a Medicare card and if you have children then get them included on your card asap ...

Reply from anonymous 11 years ago.

I have a student loan in nz and I'm paying my child support from aus where I live... will they stop me at the nz airport for my student loan?

Reply from nuckles 10 years ago.

Hi I left New Zealand with debts due to job losses - could not pay it - too much. We had court orders for debts we did and could not pay it as we both lost our jobs. due to interest and all the crab we did not see how we could pay it off, we would have spend the rest of our life paying only debts Apparently police came to look for us when we left. Can we returned are they or will they stopped us at the airport for our debts? it is going in for 6 years now.

Reply from bob 9 years ago.

Im a NZ Citizen moving to Australia. I'm arriving from Europe where I've lived for 10 years. I owe child support in NZ will I be stopped in Australia for this and refused entry?

Reply from needing-help-in-deciding-to-move-to-australia 9 years ago.

Hey I am a kiwi, I moved to Australia four years ago. My job fell through and I had about 20,000$ of various debts, haven't paid any for years. Wouldn't know where to start. I want to go back to nz this month but wondering will I be stopped at Aus or NZ? What should I do or who should I contact?

Reply from ladybird 9 years ago.

My ex lives in Australia and has just stopped paying child support for his two children living with me in New Zealand, he visits his parents in New Zealand often, will he be still allowed entry into New Zealand or be stopped?

Reply from kiwi-in-oz 9 years ago.

I owe chid support in NZ to the IRD. I pay child support weekly out of wages plus errors. I have done my tax return with the ATO. Will the IRD take any money owed from my return?

Reply from taly 9 years ago.

Yes you will lose your tax return.

Reply from taly 9 years ago.

They take my hubbys every year for his child support debt to his ex in nz

Reply from help101 9 years ago.

Hi, I'm planning to go NZ in October with my partner and baby girl, but the thing holding me back is that last time I was there, I hadn't repaid my loan. It was under $3000 but i was wondered if I go would I be able to come back?

Reply from father-visiting-nz 8 years ago.

My father after 40 years is returning to New Zealand for a holiday. He never paid Child Support for his 5 children for 20 years. How long are records kept for someone that owes Child Support ? Will he be arrested when he enters the country?

Reply from bewildered 8 years ago.

I have been trying to get a letter from ird in New zealand stating I dont owe any taxes then I get my mother to ring them and they said I owed $454 but that was till nov 2015. I have been out of country a year now then they say you. Owe nothing now I get a letter stating I owe $7000 will this stop me flying in and out of NZ?

Reply from danny-boy 8 years ago.

I owe a lot of tax from a business I had 9 years ago and want to go overseas for a holiday. Will I be allowed out? I don't want any nasty surprises at the airport.

Reply from patty 8 years ago.

Hi i owe money to WINZ for an over payment! Their stuff up. Am i going to be stopped entering or leaving New Zealand.

Reply from mf22 8 years ago.

I have a student loan of $25,000 outstanding in New Zealand, no payments have been made as yet. I have contacted IRD whether I will get stopped if I was to go back and visit and they have advised that it's not going to be a problem. Only get stopped at customs if there is a court order for unpaid fines, child support etc. But student loans are fine.

Reply from ozzie-1 7 years ago.

I am an Australian that lived in NZ in the early 1990's just recently i received a letter from Dunn and Bradstreet stating i owe ministry of development nz 15,000.for money i apparently received whilst living there,,i have travelled back and forth to NZ on numerous occasions,,and have never been stoped or approached,,,,can they send me this bill after all these years,,When i do go to NZ for holidays its paid for from family members, i have never been charged over this debt

Reply from homesick 7 years ago.

I'm a NZ citizen who moved to Australia a year and a half ago because I wasn't able to find work in my field in NZ for quite awhile. I have a large tax bill (not student loan or child support) in NZ that I couldn't pay because of being unemployed.

The IRD know I'm now living in Australia but haven't contacted me to make payments on the tax bill. I'm very homesick and want to come home for a visit but don't know if I'll be detained at the airport - I need to return to Australia for my job.

As far as I know, the IRD took me to court to have me declared bankrupt but there are no other court proceedings. Does anyone know if it'd be safe for me to come home?

Reply from newman 7 years ago.

Homesick's case is worrying me. I am worried about whether he can get a special category visa for his NZ passport again when he re-enters Australia. Do you know if there was any criminal proceedings against you for the tax owed by NZ IRD? To maintain and pass the 'good character' is a must under Australian visa requirement.

Reply from crystal 7 years ago.

It is good forum to follow. Thank you!

Reply from troy 7 years ago.

do i need to let ird know if i only want to go to aus for a short holiday?

Reply from monkey 7 years ago.

Hi, I have a child support debt from Australia that IRD NZ are collecting every month. Can I leave NZ \to go overseas for a years working holiday or will I be stopped from leaving? I have no other debts in NZ or Australia and I have no court orders.

Reply from jizzy22 7 years ago.

Hi guys

Im 2009 i moved back to nz from ozzy. I spent my family tax credits whilst bring back in NZ. I didn't notify them and payments kept going through. Anyway my debt is like 25 thousand. I want to go to Brizzy for a holiday. Hopin someone can help?

Will I be arrested at customs?

Reply from lavisa 7 years ago.

Hi there just wondering if there's a certain amount owing in order for Customs to stop you when you arrive into NZ? I haven't yet made payments, but I'm owing like 6 grand in student loan as well as child support.

Reply from scared-to-go-back-home 7 years ago.

I have been living in Aus for just over a year now and I recently got a letter from IRD saying I owe them about $2000 something because they over paid me when I was receiving family assistance!? Will I be stopped at the airport over this?? Not my fault they over paid me in the first place 🙄

Reply from gst101 6 years ago.

I’m an Aussie that worked in NZ as a freelancer. I had to Invoice and register for GST. I charged GST, though never submitted the GST to the IRD. In return to Australia I processed my tax in Australia. What happens to the GST I owe?

Reply from jenni 6 years ago.

I am an Australian citizen and in 2008 I had to pay child support for my daughter living in NZ. I was late with a few payments and incurred a late payment fine. The child support agency in Australia told me not to bother paying the late fees. I wish to visit my daughter in NZ but am worried that I will be stopped at the airport in NZ. Will I be stopped? Will I have to pay an accrued fine?

Reply from nzozzie 3 years ago.

Hi, I am due to go to a hearing at a tenancy tribunal in NZ due to a house i owned there, I was a landlord for this home and did not follow the guidelines correctly. I know at this hearing my ex tenant will win and I will have to pay him around 8000 if I do not pay this will my Australian assets and credit record be affected or does it only matter if I were to go back to NZ. Any answers will be much appreciated Thank you

Reply from johnsmithobviously 3 years ago.

Hi all, 26 years ago I left New Zealand to live in Australia. I owed about 3000 in unpaid tax to NZ IRD. I have never heard anything from them in the 26 years. If I visit New Zealand will I have problems with this being so long ago? How can I find out without putting myself on their radar so to speak?

Reply from boz 11 years ago.

Of u owe alot of money in tax can u leave nz to go to aussie jst for a holiday

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