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Posted by problem-solver 13 years ago.

I have unpaid child support since I've been living in Australia for the past 4 years. Am I able to return to New Zealand for a holiday and come back to Australia without being stopped at the airport?

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Reply from graciesdeska 13 years ago.

The IRD will be alerted by Customs when you arrive and depart NZ and will attempt to contact you to make payment arrangements. Here is the info I found on the IRD website:

"Inland Revenue matches information with New Zealand Customs so that we're notified when certain parents with outstanding child support debt are travelling in and out of New Zealand.

Child support officers will use this information to try to contact the paying parent to make arrangements to repay the debt, or pursue other collection processes. If necessary, we can also take legal steps to prevent certain paying parents from subsequently leaving the country."

Reply from kiwi2 13 years ago.

people like you make me angry! if you have the money to pay for a holiday then man up and pay for your kid!.. even though some food grows on trees it aint free at the supermarket!!!! grrr

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