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Posted by johne 10 years ago.

I got permenant residency recently so can i get govt assistance for my post graduate studies

Hi, I just got an australian permenant residency visa before a month. can i now be eligible to get some goverment funding/help in the tution fees to study the masters in iformation technology?

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Reply from guddymate 9 years ago.

"studyassist" website is good to have a look at. The laws constantly change whom ever gets into government. the proposal for next year supposed to be that kiwis will soon qualify for a student loan under a new commonweath agreement but you will have to have lived and resided in australia for 10 years. If you do in fact have a permenant visa and not a SCV temp visa you could apply for citizenship in which you would be able to access most of loans and allowances

Reply from pauls 9 years ago.

If you are a permanent resident (non humanitarian) in Australia you do not qualify for any of the loan assistance programs. The loan assistance programs were knocked on the head in 2005 as too many PR holders were leaving the country after graduating and not paying back their student loans. My daughter has self funded as we have only been PR for two years and you have to be PR holder living in country for 4 years to qualify for citizenship. Being a citizen obviously opens up all the funding channels.

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