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Posted by kiwizzz 15 years ago.

How to convert NZ driver licence to Australian driver licence

What do you need to convert a Kiwi full licence to an Australian driver licence?

Here's what I know:

  1. NZ passport
  2. NZ driver licence
  3. Proof of address I live in Australia? (I am going to stay at a backpackers temporarily. Is it okay to use their address?)

Can someone correct me if I am wrong? What missing?

Reply from forum moderator 6 months ago on 8 November 2023.

We maintain a page all about converting your NZ driver license to an Australian one here. It is regularly updated with any changes in the process, so please take a look.

The rules differ between the Australian states, so it very much depends on which state you are moving to.

As a very general rule, if you have held your NZ restricted or full license for at least 3 years and are aged 21 or older, you can transfer your NZ license to an open/unrestricted/full Australian driver license by making an appointment with the licensing authority in your new state, proving your identity, taking an eyesight test and paying a fee.

Again, read this page to find out more about the requirements in the state you are moving to.

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Reply from mckay-ten 15 years ago.

really easy , go to qld transport, give letter of address, phone bill etc tp prove living here and passport, id etc then pay something like $65 and there you have it

Reply from newbe 15 years ago.

how about in nsw?

Reply from adaz 14 years ago.

It is easy, take around 30 - 45 minutes, go to an RTA motor registry and (1) Present your NZ licence (2) Prove your NSW address (3) Prove your identity, (4) Pass an eyesight test, (5) Pay the licensing fee, and have your photo taken by the RTA for your driver licence card.

Unrestricted Driver licence (Gold) fee is $47 for 1 year, $113 for 3 years, $151 for 5 years

Reply from auckland-kidd 14 years ago.

hey guys

I am a young male with a family and just wanted to know something about the licences. My partner has a restricted licence and so do I, is it possible for us to convert our Restricted licences to an Australian Licence thats equivalent to a New Zealand Restricted Licence??

Reply from lala22 14 years ago.

How do I get proof of address? Im going to be living at my sisters an nothing will be in my name.

Reply from billy-james 14 years ago.

get your sister to fill and sign the RTA form for you. there's a section there for her, that she can fill

Reply from ristricted-driver-nz 12 years ago.

i am 17 i have a nz ristricted licence and im currently living in nz i am moving to ausie in couple weeks and im wandering what licence i would get when i get there? cheers

Reply from travnese 12 years ago.

Hey, was wondering if it would be easier to sit my nz class2 here in nz or is it just as easy to do it there in Australia and are there any stand down periods before i could obtain that license in Australia?

Reply from tina 12 years ago.

We are moving to NSW. My husband has a Class 5 and DG licence. Can this be converted before we leave?

Reply from kaitia2melbs 12 years ago.

Hey to those that are on their restricted. My brother went over on his NZ restricted and it got converted to a full licence so I'm guessing the same will happen with my partner when he moves over will let you know how he gets on he goes next month =)

Reply from litah 12 years ago.

To be able to swap your NZ restricted licence for a full Open (AUS) licence, you must have had your restricted licence for at least 3 years or your must start on your P's.

Reply from daryl 12 years ago.

can anyone tell me if a class five licence can be converted to hc licence

Reply from sunshine 12 years ago.

i have nz licence.i am moving to ausie.i want to convert and change my licence condition (about eye sight).how can i change ?

Reply from asif 12 years ago.

I m south African i have got New zealand class 5 with (F) (D) Endorsement can covert my ln Australia ? please

Reply from aussieinnz 11 years ago.

Im from NZ been living in QLD for almost a year, my learners licence I got in nz around a year and a half ago. What would it convert to?

Reply from monique 11 years ago.

Hey what about converting a NZ learners? I moved to Australia when I was 16 so I have had it for 3 years now. Didn't have enough money to apply for my restricted back in New Zealand hence why I'm still on my learners -_-

Reply from monique 11 years ago.

Hi everyone! I moved to WA when I was 16 so I have owned my learners licence for nearly 3 years now. I am nearly 18 living in WA. I wasn't able to afford to go for my restricted back in NZ hence why I am still on my learners. So what would that be equivalent to here in WA?

If it means I have to start ALL the way over again, can I just go to NZ for a holiday to get my restricted then transfer it here to a full licence?

Your help would be gladly appreciated! Cheers

Reply from ray 11 years ago.

can i convert my new zealand restricted licence to australian full licence. if i am 35 years of age?

Reply from sailor-49 11 years ago.

Hi, Could someone please tell me if it is possible to to convert a nz restricted licence to a queensland full at 49 years old Thankyou.

Reply from florence 11 years ago.

Hi there I am a solo mum who is moving to perth and have held my learner license in new zealand for 10 years i am 30 years old this year. Just wondering because of my age and amount of time i have hed a learner license will i get a full license in australia?? Thanks

Reply from zaeysha 11 years ago.

I went to go and get my New Zealand licence changed to and Victorian Licence here in Australia, and they told me that i need a a certificate of particulars to prove i haven't been disqualified of any sort, how ever they did not tell me when i made my appointment, and I don't have any idea what particulars are. Can anyone help me?

Reply from magic22 11 years ago.

Hi! Responding to certificate of particulars! U need to phone the land and transport agency in nz cost just under $12 for one they can have it emailed and posted to you.

Reply from rare-japan 7 months ago.

See the following page on the NZTA for more info about a certificate of particulars and how to get one:

Reply from reubs 11 years ago.

Hi. Ive recently moved to Brisbane. I have a class 1 and 2 with a "F" endorsement can I convert my "F" endorsement to an Australian licence equivelent?

Reply from bc 11 years ago.

Hi, I am moving to qld in the next couple of months and am on my restricted. does anyone know what happens when converting nz license to a australian one? will I have to start again? thanks

Reply from trishie 11 years ago.

hi guys ,can anyone please give correct information regarding converting my NZ 4 yrs restricted license to Western Australian license , and I am 44 yrs old.Thanks

Reply from henryboy 11 years ago.

Hi im planning to move to aussie at the end of the year, ive been on my nz restricted since april 2013. Im sitting for my full licence in november. Does anyone know what i would be on over in ozzy. Ive heard you end up on aussie restricted and it takes 4 years to get your full aussie licence???

Reply from chrystall 11 years ago.

How long do you have to live in australia before you can convert a nz licence to an ozzy licence?

Reply from kelvin 11 years ago.

I have a new zealand osh forklift licence would i be able to use that in australia

Reply from hayley 10 years ago.

I have had my NZ restricted for just about a year. I've just moved to QLD and can't figure out what licence i'll be on here! I'm 18 so unsure if I'm old enough for my full licence?

Reply from isthegrassgreenerinaus 10 years ago.

Hey. What kind of licence will I get in Queensland if I've held a learners licence within a year or within a couple of months please? And I'm 26 years old...


Reply from jess 10 years ago.

Hey, how do i transfer my full class 4 to Queensland? I will be 22 when over there. Can I drive on a NZ licence including trucks?

Reply from aussieinnz 10 years ago.

I moved to Queensland from NZ. When I went to go change my restricted licence over they had to send an email to NZ to find out about my driving record and if i had been disqualified or whatever. I had a clean as record so was all good. Then I called them a couple days later to see if they had heard back from NZ, which they had, and then said to come into the land transport agency and pay around $60 to change it. I haven't got around to going in yet! But was a lot easier then it sounds haha. All I had was a passport, NZ licence and bank statement (which the lady didn't even look at) hope this helps in some way!

Reply from bulks 10 years ago.

Hey I just passed my nz restricted was wandering what it would be if transferred to an Australian licence ?

Reply from ryt 10 years ago.

Hey. I've held a NZ learners license for over 10 years. Moving to Perth soon, what license can I get in WA? Would it be worthwhile sitting my NZ restricted before moving or would I not have held it long enough to count towards a the equivalent in WA?

Reply from mccann 10 years ago.


Moving to ACT and wanting to convert full NZ to Australian licence. I can provide the NZ passport + licence but not proof of address. Can someone you are living with sign to verify where you are living? There was mention of certificate of particulars also, is this still required?


Reply from hone 10 years ago.

I lost my licence in NZ for drink driving can I get aussie one

cheers HONE

Reply from random-fulla 10 years ago.

@ Hone > I believe you can get an NSW licence as long as you can provide your NZ Licence ID.

The aussies seem to based everything on time. Mrs was on her restricted for years and converted it to a NSW Full Licence for a small fee ( no Test req'd )

You'll need the following for NSW

  • NZ Licence
  • Proof of NSW addy ( bank statement etc )
  • Passport
  • Aust Bank Card

Ring their RTA, they're mostly a helpful bunch and can answer most these questions

Reply from karlinoz 10 years ago.

Can NZ Licence drivers over 25 be converted to AUS Restricted.

Reply from mr-traveller 10 years ago.

Hi I'm over 28 yrs moving to Australia . My NZ licence is a learners. Would I get a learners licence in NSW Australia? Cheers

Reply from learner-licence 10 years ago.

Hi can i convert a NZ learners in Australia. I had it for nearly 2 years.

Reply from mollymoo 10 years ago.

Hi if you have had a NZ learners license for 10 years and are 30 years old and move to WA, what license can it convert into? Or do you have to start again? Thanks in advance.

Reply from tipene 9 years ago.

Lost my licence in nsw australia can I get a western Australian licence or can I go and get my new zealand licence and come back an change it over to wa licence?

Reply from brad 9 years ago.

Im heading to Perth soon for the seeding season and would like to change my New Zealand Class 5 license to an Australian license which, whats the process to get my MC License over there? Thanks

Reply from peter 9 years ago.

If you have a NZ Learners License & you are moving to Perth - Western Australia. You have to start all over again. But what I did is transfer it in another state like Brisbane.

Reply from mika 9 years ago.

Hi guys just wondering. I currently have a NZ full license but i do not have a New Zealand passport. I am planning to move to Australia on my Indian passport so is it still possible for me to convert my license easily as well?

Reply from icnya 9 years ago.

Hi all,

Can someone please reply. I have had my NZ Learner license for 6 years and I'm 29. Moving to Melbourne soon and wondering if it'll be converted to restricted over there?

Reply from smn 9 years ago.

Hi I live in WA how do you transfer your learner license from NZ to another state?

Reply from jbolo 9 years ago.

You have to apply for a WA learners, they won't accept a NZ learner's license.

Reply from missy 9 years ago.

I have just got my NZ learners license & I am 18, I'm moving to Perth in October, can I transfer this to a WA Learners or do I have to sit the theory again?

Reply from renz 9 years ago.

Hi, I'm a 28-year-old. I've had my NZ full licence from 21-02-2014 expiry 21/02/24. I'm moving to Brisbane. Will it change over to a Australian full licence??

Reply from trae 9 years ago.

Hey, I moved to Queensland a year ago & lost my wallet with my NZ Learners in it. I'm wondering how I get my license sent back to Australia from NZ?

Reply from wmm 9 years ago.

I'm from NZ and planning on moving to Australia. I have a Learners License and have had it for 11 years. What would it convert to?

Reply from hdg 8 years ago.

Kiaora I have just moved to Cairns. I hold all classes 8➕fdrw endorsements when transferring to a Queensland license do I keep my endorsements? And I have passport, NZ drivers license, bank account (commonwealth bank), proof of address (rta form) from owner of address and Tax file # with street address on it. I've had problems trying to transfer from NZ to Australia. Please enlighten me - a bit frustrated.

Reply from rocky 8 years ago.

Hi my daughter is 20 with a nz full. Can she convert it in Oz to a full or does she go on green p's?

Reply from cmw 8 years ago.

Hi For all those on NZ Learners, and past the minimum time required on it, I would suggest you get your NZ restricted before you come over to WA. This state does not recognise NZ Learners & will make you start from scratch ie: Australian Learners (P Plates), sit theory test again. Really annoying

Reply from bjm 8 years ago.

Hi, just moved to Perth. Along with my car and motorbike licence I also have endorsements 2,3,4,5 and my wheels, tracks, n rolls. Was wondering will I have to re-sit any of them (excluding car and bike)? cheers

Reply from asap 8 years ago.

Hey guys I'm living in Melbourne for good . I've got my nz full licence I'm changing it to Australia licence . WONDERING do I get a MR or just fulls?

Reply from taranaki-hardcore 8 years ago.

Hi there, I'm moving to Sydney in next few months just wanting to know if I can convert my new Zealand restricted driver licence to Australian licence and where and how prices etc.,thanks..

Reply from rsl 8 years ago.

Hi there, I have a NZ full licence and was wondering if I can convert it to Aus and is there a charge to it ? Thank you

Reply from mars 8 years ago.

If you have held your learner license for 20yrs, will I convert to learner in Brisbane? Need to know.

Reply from krysiej 7 years ago.

If your restricted license is expired, can I still swap it over to a qld license?

Reply from megan-nick-and-taleah 7 years ago.

Hi, I'm Italian and I'm in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa. I have a New Zealand class 5 license. I would like to move in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. I was wondering if I can transfer my New Zealand license in Australia heavy vehicle license and which category it is supporting. Thank you

Reply from poly 7 years ago.

Hi guys just wondering I've had my NZ learner licence for 3yrs. Can I convert it to a WA restricted or full?

Reply from sarah 7 years ago.

Hey guys, i've been on my NZ restricted for 14 months now, was wondering if ill go on the red p's or the green p's when i transfer it over? i'm 19 years btw.

Reply from missy 7 years ago.

I have been on my NZ restricted licence for 3years what do need to do to get my WA full licence?

Reply from joe-blow 7 years ago.

Hi i was wondering if i transfered my restricted New Zealand license to a qld license what would i go onto i had my license for over a year now?

Reply from amy 7 years ago.

Hi Guys, I am moving to NSW with a NZ Full Drivers licence can i convert to an Australian licence and can I also use my forklift licence in Australia as well.....??

Reply from xx 7 years ago.

I moved to perth january. Had my restricted for 1 year and 2 months... im under 25 & am now on green p's. Hope that helps :).. but if anyone knows.. how long will i be on my green P's before i get my full?

Reply from dence 7 years ago.

Can I convert my New Zealand endorsement to an Australian one straight away?

Reply from will-my-samsung-tv-work-here-ozzie 7 years ago.

If had my nz learner driving license for 10 years and nz restricted for 9 months and over the age of 25 what will i go to in nsw??

Reply from kiwi-in-perth 7 years ago.

Hi I have classes 12345 FRTW New Zealand licences can I get them changed over to the equivalent Australian licences? Or will I have to resit them when I move to Perth? Any idea what the cost will be?Also can I change them over while still living in New Zealand? Thanks

Reply from richy 7 years ago.

I've had my NZ learners for 7 years now, will I have to do learners here or can I go to my ps?

Reply from johne 7 years ago.

HELP Please ! I just moved to Brisbane August 2017 and lost my restricted licence before I even convert it to Australian licence what do I have to do? Can I go in and show my passport proof of address and bank statement and just ask them to call NZ to confirm. Would they be able to do that or do I have to actual get my NZ licence.

Thank you.

Reply from will-my-samsung-tv-work-here-ozzie 6 years ago.

How do you transfer class 5 license and dangerous goods to an Australian license in Perth? How much does it cost?

Reply from mohammad 6 years ago.

My husband has full nz licence with RTW endorsement? Will his licence be converted to Australian licences?

Reply from teresa-marie-buckman 6 years ago.

I’m on my New Zealand Restricted licence. What one will I go to once I move to Queensland?

Reply from kiwiatheart 6 years ago.

I just moved to Tasmania with a NZ restricted licence which I've had for 2 months and got told I will be put on a L2 for 9 months and need 50 hours driving with a supervisor logged. Someone please tell me this is wrong? :(

Reply from tkelli 6 years ago.

I've got my NZ Class 5 and going to live in Brisbane,.. What do I need to do to get same license in Queensland?

Reply from ratbag 6 years ago.

I have been in Australia for a year and did not convert my restricted licence. What do i have to do to get an Australian licence now?

Reply from cranbourne-vic-based 6 years ago.

I'm heading over to Cranbourne, Melbourne Victoria from Auckland. Currently have NZ restricted licence for 4 years now. Can I convert to an Aussie full licence?

Reply from liani 6 years ago.

I’m a 19 year old girl, who’s recently moved from New Zealand to live in Melbourne,Victoria. I’ve had my New Zealand license for 3years now and wondering will I go straight to ‘P’ plates or will I have to do a log book also?

Reply from kozo 6 years ago.

Hey what about converting a NZ learners? I moved to Australia when I was 16 so I have had it for 3 years now. Didn't have enough money to apply for my restricted back in New Zealand hence why I'm still on my learners -_-

Reply from nogood 6 years ago.

Can you convert a learners license in WA?

Reply from need-info 5 years ago.

What about endorsements such as RTW do you have to resit them or can you change them over like you would do with your licence

Reply from maria 5 years ago.


My sister is moving to Victoria (Melbourne) I just wondering cause she holds a nz learner license can that be converted in Australia?

Reply from gazza 5 years ago.

Can I change my NZ truck licence over to an Aussie one?

Reply from jayjaybean 5 years ago.

I started with my full Australian license (auto) , converted it to nz full license (allowed to drive manual) would I be able to convert that back into an aus license (manual) ? Yep, I move a lot lol

Reply from paula-cook 4 years ago.

I have a NZ restricted license have had it for more than 20 years so can I go straight to my opens license?

Reply from emily 4 years ago.

I have shifted from NZ to WA in January I am on a NZ learner license have been for 5 years. I am 41 haven’t driven since being here and would like to change over what license would I go under please?

Reply from ali-dani 3 years ago.

Hi, I have a NZ license with a supervisor condition on it. I have it for more than 5 years so which Aussie licence I will get?

Reply from lucas-hamilton 3 years ago.

Hi I just got my full driver's licence in NZ a month ago and I'm moving to South Australia if I were to change it over to AUS what licence will I recieve?

Reply from victoria 2 years ago.

Hi there, Im in New Zealand living and I lost my Australian full car licence and forklift truck F endorsement licence and my learners Motorcycle licence. I need help. What can I do to retrieve them back?

Reply from dpg 12 years ago.


Reply from rare-japan 6 months ago.

Not true. It depends on how long you have had your restricted license for and how old you are. For example, in Victoria you must have had your restricted license for at least 3 years and must be 21 or older (as the minimum driving age in Victoria is 18).

Reply from keep-it-clean 11 years ago.

G'day G'day.

Just moved to Perth, Australia. Got a full New Zealand licence. Just wondering what the cost of going from NZ licence to Western Australia licence is likely to be.

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