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Posted by chicaposh 16 years ago.

How pet friendly are Australian rentals?

I am moving to Sydney next year in January and planning to bring my cat and Pug puppy over with me. I've been on and but they're not specific about if pets are accepted or not.

What I would like to know is if anyone has taken their pet/s over to Sydney or had any experience on this matter?

Reply from forum moderator 9 months ago on 28 October 2023.

Here's a recent (18 June 2023) news report that talks about how tenancy laws are changing to make it more difficult for landlords to say no to pets.

This article is about South Australia but the same changes are happening throughout Australia.

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Reply from petlover 16 years ago.

we have moved to Aus recently,rentals here are not petfriendly.Our friends have lived here for years and the only way they could have pets is to rent off family. In Brisbane private rentals are primarily under agents not one on one with the homeowner,in the area we are staying with a petfriendly rental is very rare.To get a rental without pets is a mission as is.

Reply from divmise12 14 years ago.

thats what I thought as well when I moved here because I moved here with three animals (two cats and one dog) I thought I would never find a rental with having three animals but I house hunted for three days and and three houses out of five got back to me the next day saying I was approved and the houses were brand new four bedroom homes..... To be honest it depends on where you want to live ect

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