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Posted by larabara 15 years ago.

How old does a baby need to be before you can make the move to Australia?

I need to know if there is a specific age your child needs to be before you can make the move to Australia. What visa should I apply for? I'm currently 5 months pregnant and any info would be a help thanks..

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Reply from stace 15 years ago.

hmm not entirely sure but a friend of mine left for oz last year when her child was three weeks old and had no problems. You dont need to apply for a visa, as long as you are and NZ citizen, you can pretty much just rock up and settle in. This will be harder with a young child so might pay to have cash behind you

Reply from kaia11 14 years ago.

You are fine to move over anytime. What you need to consider is whos gonna take care of your pregnancy. Independant midwives do cost. If you wanting to go through a Gp they also cost. You can go through the hospital and this is free. But check first because some places may charge. You also need to get a medicare card.

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