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Posted by danielle 13 years ago.

How much money would you suggest bringing over?

My partner & I are moving to Brisbane early 2013. We were just wondering how much money we would need to bring over though? We do not have any family or friends there so would need to pay for accomodation & find a job asap... Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :)

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Reply from danielle
13 years ago.

Sorry, I just found the question similar to mine!

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A couple of thousand dollars per person - some recommend $5000 pp - for bond, rent, utility bills, transport. (you can currently look for all these things ahead of time and pay online for most of these things). Transfer this to your Aus bank account online, (you can set up all these accounts online - bank and money transfer account) as taking lots of NZ $ is futile - the Aus dollar is most usually stronger than the NZ dollar and you don't really want to get less for your money if you transfer physical cash. But in saying all this, 2013 is awhile away and who knows what will happen by/during then and what the world economy and travel will be like.

Reply from anita 12 years ago.

My husband and I are moving to aussie in 3 weeks not sure how much money you would need, but perhaps having a job a before you go might help. We have been lucky enough that my husband was able to negoiate his contract and the company is putting us up in accommodation for 4 weeks free rent to give us time to find a place of our own and if you are sending all household items over to aussie it can take about 6 weeks.

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