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Posted by kiwi 16 years ago.

How much money should I take to get me started in Australia?

I am single, young and want to make the much will I (approx) need to get set up over there? (preferably Perth).

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Reply from mayflower 15 years ago.

I'd love to know the answer to this too, being in the same situation! Am wondering what I should take with me too... i.e. my bed?? It's worth about $4000. Would prefer to live on my own eventually when I get there (would be prepared to rent to start with), but not sure how to find out what most items cost i.e. fridge, etc. Don't know the names of the big electrical stores or if they have websites so I can check costs.

Reply from mark347 15 years ago.

Myself and my partner were over about 5 months ago (if someone would hurry up and buy my Bar we would be there permanently by now!!) and had a look around a store called IKEA - definitely not worth shipping household goods unless you are really attached to them. Do a google search for ikea as it has a really great website and the store is just huge.

Reply from mayflower 15 years ago.

I'm now planning on flatting with others when I get there since the NZ dollar is unreliable and it would take forever to save neough otherwise. I'd only be taking personal items and my bed (due to the value, newness and type of bed that it is it would cost more to replace than to ship), but am not sure how much I should budget with to get myself started. Since I'd be flatting, I wouldn't need to worry about buying furnishings for quite some time so don't need to worry about that expense, but don't really know what is a reasonable amount to take in the way of money. I was thinking that AUD$5000 should be enough to get me started in Brisbane as I don't expect to have difficulty getting work.

Reply from mayflower 13 years ago.

i thort u needed to pay ur fines in NZ, ur bed would pay off some of the loan, rather than using centrelink? Sorry just had to mention that. Excuse me if i am wrong.

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