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Posted by lmg 13 years ago.

How much money does a married couple need to enter Australia?

I am aware each individual person needs around $5000 AUD, equivalent to £2400. Does that still apply if a married couple use the one bank account (joint) ??

1 reply on 13 June 2011.
Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

Hi there, I believe it's for each individual, as you will both be applying for individual visas. Here are the requirements for the working holiday visa (I assume that's the one you are applying for?) from the official site:

"You must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holiday. Generally, AUD5000 may be regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel. You should also have a return or onward ticket or the funds for a fare to depart Australia.

You may be asked to provide evidence. Evidence may include a certified copy of a bank statement and an air ticket out of Australia."

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