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Posted by banjip2000 14 years ago.

How much did you pay to send your dog and cat from Christchurch to Melbourne?

I am moving from Christchurch to Jindabyne, so the nearest int airport for them will be Canberra. Was the company/agent you used good, professional, caring and would you reccommend them?

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Reply from jannas 13 years ago.

Hi I moved my dog and cat from ChCh to Melbourne and it cost $1300 with Global Pets. They were the cheapest out of 3 quotes HOWEVER what they don't tell you is this is the basic service. They expected me to drop them off at the airport an hour after I had to check in myself. Fortunately I was able to arrange a friend to do this for me. Something else to keep in mind is if you are arriving after business hours ie 5pm you will wait for ages to have your pets cleared by customs. We arrived at 5-30 pm and waited until 9pm to have the pets cleared. If I did this again I would ensure I booked on the early flight. By the time we arrived where we were staying my pets had been caged for 13hours which could have been avoided if Global pets had given us this piece of information. I don't think I would use them again. My friend who dropped them off said the woman Lesley was very cold, offhand, rude and unsympathetic to the distress my pets were in at the airport. She told me she would never recommend using them to anyone based on her experience of this lady at the airport. Having said that 2 weeks on they are both settled and happy. My advice would be to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and the time frames involved for the drop off and pick up.

Reply from graciedeska 14 years ago.

Hey there, I don't have experience with this myself, but other people on this site have said it costs about $1,000 per pet to ship them over. was recommended. You might want to check out the other posts about shipping pets over to Australia as well and see what else people recommend. Cheers :)

Reply from bliss 13 years ago.

We are in the process of taking our Border collie over to Brisbane, $1260.00 , only have to prove NZ birth of animal , which is either council registration or Vet records, otherwise a $700 Blood Test on top. Can be on same plane as yourself. Check Yellow Pages for Pet carriers,I emailed a couple in Chch , 1 replied from Spencerville.

Reply from megan-nick-and-taleah 12 years ago.

Replying to Jannas, we also used Global Pets for our three cats and they were wonderful. They were recommended by friends of ours who had also used them and were very happy too.
Even when one of the cats escaped and we had to leave without her, they worked with our tenants to catch her. Lesley sent me texts at least daily for the four days she was missing (when I was crazy with worry) then when she was caught (she had been in a fight) she went to Rolleston to pick her up and looked after her for four days without extra charge while she regained strength.
We also had the basic service where we took the pets to the airport and got the vet stuff ourself and this was all explained to us in the quote.
And we also had to wait 3 hours for our first two cats to be cleared and we arrived at 8.30 in the morning. But when Minky came by Air NZ he arrived at 5.30pm and we were able to get him about one and a half hours after he arrived, so I don't think your advice is exactly right.

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