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Posted by aussie-dreaming 16 years ago.

How easy is it to apply for Medicare?

Can anyone tell me what is involved in applying for Medicare? I'm just after an indication of what it is like in practice - the documentation requirements etc. Thanks :)

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Reply from auckward 7 years ago.

Given you have a confirmed address (tenancy agreement), and two forms of ID, I found the order in seeking successful applications was important in settling in very quickly when moving from easier to harder for verification of information required...try as follows as this was easy for us (sharing who we delt with in-person)

Start - Bank (Westpac) and Phone (Vodafone) Next - Medicare Then - QLD drivers licence, TFN

Bank, phone, medicare, drivers licence was sorted within two business days of arriving :)

Reply from melbourne-maven 16 years ago.

We're about to apply over the next week, so I'll post a comment here once we've done it.

Reply from melbourne-maven 16 years ago.

OK, we finally got around to doing this today. It turned out to be very simple - all you need to do is fill out the Medicare enrolment form (available at any Medicare office, or online from this page: Take the form along with your passport(s) (one for each person who will appear on the card), and two supporting documents to a) prove your Australian address and b) to show that you intend to reside in Australia to your local Medicare office (you can find your local office online here: We took along our tenancy agreement and a contents insurance letter, and this made it easy to meet the requirement. Hope that helps!

Reply from frankie 16 years ago.

We wanted to do this as soon as we arrived (as it is a handy form of identification) and were living with family so hadn't signed a lease or got insurance yet. What we needed in this case was a letter acknowledging our resignation from work and evdience of closed bank account in New Zealand. We managed to get all our ID - medicare card, drivers licence, bank cards, Tax file number, etc all sorted in the first week of arriving.

Reply from kiwi 16 years ago.

Some people make it hard for you to get your Medicare card - if you have trouble, you might want to try another Medicare Office. Someone I know was refused even when their application was sent for processing at head office, but tried a different medicare office the next time and got approved on the spot. In general, the more documentation you provide, the easier it is.

Reply from ronrau 16 years ago.

While we are talking about applying for Medicare etc, can anyone tell me what this "blue card" business is all about please?

Reply from horiboi 15 years ago.

There are 2 types of "blue cards" in australia, 1 is a "general safety induction card" which every person intending to work on any construction site must have, it is quite simple to obtain and only involves sitting a halfday course and correctly answering questions at the end, but because there is a fee (usually $80-$100) they do not let u fail. The second "blue card" is a "child safety card", any one wishing to deal with children either working(daycare, teacher etc..) or volunteer(little athletics, coaching...) must first obtain 1 of these cards, it is basically a police backround check on you to make sure you're not dodgey or have any previous bad history working with children, there is also a fee with this card usually around $30 and just requires you to fill out a form stating your name and 3 previous addressess

Reply from susan-in-perth 15 years ago.

For Perth: Make sure that when you apply for a medicare card that everyone you register for is present for ID verification. I went in on my own to apply for hubby and myself and was told he had to be present. Documentation we took: drivers license/cashflow cards/wage slips & passports. You also need to have a stat declaration formed filled out and signed. We went to our bank to witness the declaration for us. Also make sure that the address you fill in on the medicare form is the same address as your drivers license/wage slips etc.

Reply from ninjababe 14 years ago.

I would like to move to Melbourne wit my family. My daughter and I are NZ citizen's, my wife is a residence of NZ. Will my wife be able to immigrate with us, or does she need to apply for a visa... which one? Does anybody have a similar seniora.

Reply from moviefan 13 years ago.

we got medicare in Sydney the first day we arrived if I recall??? Or very close to it. Brillant!!!! Proof of Address. Proof that you plan to become a permanent resident etc etc., bank a/c details Go through customs where you get " stamped", not the easy photo id through.

Reply from lianne 13 years ago.

We just arrived from New Zealand to Sunshine Coast, to apply for Medi care we took our sales agreement for proof but they must be the original copys, we used our cancellation of contents insurance,and our shipping details (must be original copy of itinary), with your lease agreement from here it must have a electricity/gas account with it, they couldnt use our Bank account that we had opened online a month before we came, as it has to opened after you arrive. i found them very unhelpful.

Reply from sensational 13 years ago.

how easy is it to get a rsa?

Reply from lianne 12 years ago.

Look up what you need on the medicare website and print that off and take it with you so that when they so "sorry you don't have the adequate documentation" you can say "actually your website says I need two things and I've got three", unless you've got evidence they'll muck you around.

Reply from pickles 12 years ago.

My daughter just moved to aussie to work at Ayers rock, she doesn't actually have any of the termination of things stuff, has never owned a house, was living at home until she left, didn't have anything to ship over and wants to keep her NZ bank account open so she can pay back her NZ student loan. She does have the aussie bank account, residential address and proof of employment though. Is it going to be a waste of her time trying to apply for the medicare card based on her not having any documentation to actually prove she left NZ? (other than the fact she is standing there in person.. would be kind of obvious she isn't in NZ huh)

Reply from mike-in-oz 12 years ago.

Hi guys, 1st off we moved to Melbourne in September 2011 from CHCH, (yes we lost our house in the EQ's) With regards to Medicare ours was quite easy, let me tell you tho' Ozzies are not forth coming with information. So ask lots of questions!!!!!

  1. When you arrive to a Medicare office there is a touch screen, choose the correct option (forgot which one ..) this will print out a # for you. listen for your number over the speakers. You need all your documents, passport, rental agreement, water bill, power bill etc, or shipping form if you shipped your furniture, if you shipped animals with you that’s fine too. (Power bill or gas is billed every 2 or 3 months) More documents you have the better, you will need to fill out a statdec (Statutory of declaration) to say you are living permanently in OZ.

  2. You will need to get the statdec signed off by either a doctor or pharmacist this will cost you $2 per document, they don’t tell you this at the Medicare office btw.

  3. Once you get the statdec signed off take the forms back get another ticket # wait in line and they will give you a temporary Medicare # (Piece of paper which’s looks like a receipt)

Easy as, any issues post here and I’ll see if I can give you more information.

Reply from mike-in-oz 12 years ago.

@ Pickles, If she can provide a bill of somesort like a mobile phone bill, she should be in good shape.

Reply from concup 12 years ago.

I didnt realize you needed a medicare card until I became unwell and needed hospital treatment.Emergency care is not a problem for Nz'ers as it as covered by a reciprical deal with NZ govt. However if ongoing treatment is needed (as in my case) it is much easier to get a medicare card,especially if you intend staying in Oz. I fronted up to a medicare office in Sydney,(yes pressed the button and got a number,and waited 30 minutes for my number to be called). I gave them a letter from my employer, my passport,an origional copy of my latest bank statement (with my address on it) and they gave me a temporary number,followed 2 weeks later by my card. I found them very polite and helpful

Reply from student 12 years ago.

Hi there, this is very helpful! I am moving over to Melbourne to study and this healthcare stuff is confusing - where abouts do you obtain a statutory of declaration? I am only in Australia for 3 years studying and don't plan on becoming a resident at this stage so will I still be able to qualify for medicare? This website is very helpful thank you!!! :)

Reply from student 12 years ago.

also - when I look at insurance options, I don't have a student visa because of the SCV, so do I count as an 'overseas visitor' or do I apply as if I am a local (there is specific student cover but I don't have a student visa so am not listed as 'eligible'). Thanks again :)

Reply from flissty 12 years ago.

Really easy- just remember to say you have moved to Australia permanently when asked. After all -you can have changed your minhd later can't you, if you are... a little bit unsure right now?

Reply from ssttuuaarrtt 12 years ago.

When you leave home make sure you have as many forms of ID a s you can.

Reply from ellwook 12 years ago.

You need tohave plenty of Id to say you have moved permanently, eg lease agreement, bank details, shipping of house hold goods. The most painful part is you need a JP to witness your documents - they are generally available at malls at specified times - no ones tells yo this part so read the documentation first, get the JP witness signature, then medicare is simple. HOWEVER getting private health insurance is a lot harder!!

Reply from amanda 12 years ago.

My hubby applied for his medicare card. He took passport, letter frm commonwealth bank, letter from exx- employer of termination, bankcard and wrote on the stat declaration that nz bank account still open as its joint and im still here in nz and that tenency agreement still active as im still here in our rental . Then u can get a pharmacist at a chemist to sign. Was easy as and that was 2 wks after arrival

Reply from new-zealand-born 11 years ago.

Im planning to move to Brisbane by family in about three weeks i have applied for my commonwealth bank account online i moved out of my house a few months ago to move in with family so i could save more money before i went over. I also intend to keep my nz bank account open. I am currently not working and i am a beneficiary. What evidence could i use to apply for Medicare? Could i use a letter from my landlord and the power company i used even if my tenancy agreement has ended two months before i go over?

Reply from stay 11 years ago.

HI, So I applied for the medi card 2weeks ago and so what im reading by the sounds of it is, you pretty much know if you get approved on the spot?? Im still waiting to find out if I got accepted or not!! Can someone please shine some light on this please, becos if its the case, sounds like im gonna have to head back down there and apply again... grrrrrr!!!!!! LOL

Reply from amanda 11 years ago.

Yeah the customer service officer would have told you if they required more information, it took 3 - 4 weeks to receive mine in the post, ring them on 132 011 if in doubt.

Reply from natz 11 years ago.

I have been here for 2 months and recently had to have blood tests! I assumed it was like nz and would be free, they never once told me anything about it costing. A week later I get a invoice for $200AUD for them!!!!! Its super easy to get the card and you dont have to get a JP to sign for it. You can get a vet, doctor, Chemist, policeman and teacher. From what I gathered you dont actually get accepted for it? They just give it to you.

Reply from jkiwi 11 years ago.

I arrived in Bne 6 weeks ago and thought I would need to be employed before I got a medicare card. But I re read the form and there was no mention of that so took it in last week (as I am still unemployed). Had to go to a JP and fill in the stat dec - never done that before so had no idea what I was supposed to write on it. Took it in to medicare and they said I needed to write what steps I had taken to become to reside in Brisbane, to prove I was here to live. Stumped me a bit.. I had a bank account letter and nz health insurance cancellation as my proof but no lease agreement and felt a bit guilty as I didn't have a job yet either!! So they were looking at me thinking I was scamming them but anyway got it sorted!

Just good to have in case I need to go to the doc. But at this rate I might end up going home and not even using it!

Reply from aussie-dreaming
11 years ago.

I can supply a resignation letter from my employer who I finish working with later this month. I have opened an account and will be staying with a family member in Melbourne. But I would like to keep my nz bank account open, any possibility on this?

Reply from kia 11 years ago.

@ R, have you also printed out a stat declaration form to go with it? If not just google Commonwealth of Australia - Statutory Declaration, on this form you note why you still have your NZ bank ac open, mine was - still have personal loan that I continue to pay from Australia etc... and any other relevant info, then I got a pharmacist to sight my passport and the the dec form for me, they were happy to help :)

Reply from kia 11 years ago.

*** and then the pharmacist to sign form as well

Reply from coastie-kid 11 years ago.

Remember cancelled Insurance Policies also count as evidence that you are moving here the form in detail..its quiet helpful...

Reply from tripper 9 years ago.

hey there,

with the stat declaration form - I get this needs to be signed by the pharmacist. With my passport and other documentation to support the application - does the pharmacist need to see this and sign it also before I can go to the medicare office - or is it just the passport and stat dec form that the pharmacist needs to see and I get the documentation sighted and signed off at the medicare office...


Reply from amanda 9 years ago.

What do you write in the blank section of the stat declaration form?!

Reply from frankie 9 years ago.

We were advised to write proof that we have permanently relocated to Australia. This included saying how we quit our jobs, booked a one way flight and sold our vehicles. Basically they want in writing you to demonstrate that Australia is your new permanent home. Any JP (justice of the peace) or lawyer (among others) can sign it off but make sure you don't sign it without them watching (ie don't sign it before you bring it to them). You will also need a witness so bring a friend if you are alone.

Reply from roger 8 years ago.

Hey guys. I got my health insurance sorted before arriving with OSHC Australia. They allow you to compare between insurers and get a quote online. Just google OSHC Australia.

Reply from dave-smith 8 years ago.

This has been really helpful! I also just found a good article that talks you through the process:

Heading to the medicare office tomorrow, wish me luck! I'll repost and let everyone know how it went, I heard there might be issues cos I didn't come direct from the UK.

Reply from rickey-flores 8 years ago.

So Dave let us know what was the result ? You went to medicare office right ?

I am asking as I have to let my friend know

Reply from alias61 8 years ago.

It was super easy for me to apply for a medicare card for myself and my two children .. The medicare office in Rockingham, Perth [which I believe have now merged with CentreLink] was easy and fast dealing with my medicare application. The lady was very nice, took about 10mins to enter all our details in, I only had two forms of verifications, 1# was a Welcome letter from my bank, the other was a formal letter from my children's new school stating that they have enrolled and is ready to start school on ../../.. . She printed a letter with our medicare number on it and signed me up for 'my health record', something like that, that was two weeks ago, I just received my medicare card in the mail today. I did not have to get anybody to sign anything for me ..hope this helps somebody.

Reply from paul 8 years ago.


I'm a NZ Citizen and was getting stuck on the stat dec part, I had no idea what to write in the big blank box in the middle of the form.

I just got off the phone to Medicare and they said to write "All details in the attached medicare enrollment form are true and correct"

Then get it witnessed by a JP or pharmacist.

Hope that helps - I do think they need to update their website to tell us what to write.

cheers, Paul

Reply from aussielovingkiwi 7 years ago.

We are pensioners wanting to relocate to Australia to be near grand chlldren. Do you know if we can still get NZ pension etc?

Reply from coral-st-helena 5 months ago.
Reply from amy 6 years ago.

Can anyone please help with what to write in Statutory dec? thanks

Reply from colinm 4 years ago.

29.09.19 A lot of replies here are quite old, are the answers still relevant as Govt's change policy all the time. I'm a Kiwi shifting to Aussiesoon

Reply from coral-st-helena 5 months ago.

The main requirement is 2x documents proving you live in Australia. Most people should be able to get these together pretty easily:

Apart from that you just need to complete a form and post or email it in, so it's pretty straight forward.

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