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Posted by teweringa 14 years ago.

How do I apply for a full truck & trailer licence in Australia while still in New Zealand?

I'm a fuel tanker driver in New Zealand. How do I get a full truck & trailer licence in Australia while still living in New Zealand but planning to move to Australia?

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Reply from tofyne 14 years ago.

Simple answer... you don't. You need to be in Australia and convert your NZ licence to an AU one. From there you'll need to sit your MC (Multi Combination) licence and once that is completed you need to sit your DG licence.

Reply from chairbro 13 years ago.

Agree with above. Before you go though, would get a letter from your employer saying the truck weights, axle, etc info that you were driving in NZ, you need to demonstrate that the truck is a big one (!) Depending on the person at the desk they might just give you the MC. A long shot but worth the try as you have to get the HC anyways.

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