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Posted by criminal-issue 6 years ago.

Help after serious illness

My son is dealing with a life threatening illness, he has lived in Australia for 17 months and will need financial assistance once he leaves hospital until he gets back to work. Anyone know what is available.

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Reply from dave-kiwi-in-aus 6 years ago.

Yes definitely contact Centrelink for temporary assistance the fact that you do have a job will help you a lot. Hope all goes well.

Reply from gh 6 years ago.

I would suspect you will get nothing as a Kiwi in Aus gets very little if anything in the way of Govt handouts. My son who is 33 and has lived here for 13 years would get nothing if he has a situation like you say. He has to pay into the Disability scheme but can never get a payment from it. He can also NEVER GET THE DOLE

Reply from criminal-issue
6 years ago.

Thanks for your replies. My son in law is doing fairly well, his employer has been so good to him and they have applied to Centrelink and have just been told that they will receive some form of help for a short period of time. Apparently it helps that he has a job waiting for him when and if he can return. He was also smart and had health insurance so his 8 weeks and subsequent hospital appointments are covered.