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Posted by angel-julz 13 years ago.

Have any New Zealand invalid beneficiaries moved to Australia?

I am currently on the NZ Invalids Benefit. I understand under the reciprical agreement between NZ & Australia that I am able to continue getting this in Australia when I move (I have family in Australia). I would love some advice from anyone who has gone through this transition from the NZ Invalids Benefit to the Australian Disability Support Pension. I have cerebral palsy, arthritis and I use a walking frame. What services are there for disabled adults in WA/Australia? Thanks :-)

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Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

Hi angel-julz,

I think the agreement between Australia and New Zealand has now changed and you need to become an Australian citizen before you can get any social security payments, including disability pensions etc. I would recommend giving Centre Link Australia a call to find out for sure, as it can vary depending on different circumstances. Their details are here:

All the best :)

Reply from kun04 10 years ago.

My mother is thinking about doing the same thing. She is severely disabled. There isn't much information about requirements for a nz citizen to qualify.

how did you get on angel-julz?

Reply from criminal-issue 10 years ago.

Hi I am an Australian citizen who has been living in new Zealand for 34 years I am a 58 year old lady with 2 adult children and a grandson. I have been on the invalids benifit on new Zealand for 4 years due to I'll health I have been through a very bitter divorce and have lost all my support apart from my children in new Zealand My only support now lies in my family and long standing friends in australia It has been a hard decision to leave my daughters But I would like to return and take up full residency back home in Australia Could you please let me know what steps I need to take Thanks Sue

Reply from tarnz 8 years ago.

From recent readings, it appears in some cases you will continue to receive the invalid benefit for up to 26 weeks as long as you apply for the disability support pension within 4 weeks or arrival, you can also apply for it prior to leaving, check out WinZip website and from reading it is the senior international service that facilitates the action and negotiates it under the agreement, am currently looktinto it for a family member on invalids

Reply from sunnyqld 7 years ago.

The NZ invalids pension is paid in Australia. I am not sure of any other. You get the basic pension and are not entitled to any special benefits. I lived in Queensland from 2005 to 2014. I thought I would be better off financially in NZ but this is not so. Medicare is a huge help and having to pay here and also not having access to the same medical care means I am worse off. You can also get an advance on part of your pension in OZ but not in NZ. As for equipment like ♿ I had more open OZ as they have a bigger budget. I was not entitled to any help from Disability Services in each state but coming back here I realise I was not missing out as we can't offer the service here.