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Posted by dellybean 13 years ago.

Getting pregnancy care in Australia for 6 months

My husband and I have jobs in Aussie for 6 months. While there we'd love to get pregnant. If we do, have you any idea how funding works for midwifery care? My work is paying for accomodation, power, and phone, which means it's going to be difficult supplying the appropriate documents to Medicare....

1 reply on 13 January 2011.
Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

Hi there, If you are only in Australia temporarily then you won't be entitled to Medicare, as you need to prove you are moving here permanently and are cutting ties with New Zealand. You can still get health care, but you have to pay the full price or get health insurance.
Also, the laws around midwifery in Australia are much more strict and you often can't use just a midwife for your antenatal care unless you are having a home birth. There's some more info here which might be useful: All the best :)

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