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Posted by kiwichick 16 years ago.

Getting my driver's licence in Victoria, Australia

Can you help me please as I can't seem to get a straight answer. I am moving to Melbourne and about to sit my restricted licence in New Zealand. I hear that as I would have not have held my licence for three years by the time I move I will need to go on 'P' plates.

But then I am told that I may be able to convert to a full Victorian licence as I am 30. Would you recommend I get my full licence before moving? Does it make a difference, or would I still need to go on 'P' plates regardless of whether I hold my restricted or full licence? Hope this makes sense - any help is appreciated.

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Reply from mayflower 16 years ago.

P Plates are not required when on your full licence. I think if you want to go, don't let it hold you up. In all reality, having P Plates is just slightly different to an NZ restricted licence in that it in NZ we don't display that someone is on a restricted licence.

Reply from antipod 12 years ago.

I note this statement on the Victorian licensing site:

"New Zealand applicants must also provide a letter of verification (referred to as a Certificate of Particulars) from the New Zealand Transport Agency verifying that the New Zealand learner permit and/or licence is current at the time of conversion."

Does this mean that I won't be able to convert my Full NZ licence to a Victorian one without first ordering this "Certificate of Particulars" from NZLTA?

Reply from lisa-524 8 years ago.

I am on my nz learners and have been for 4 years but have been in Victoria for 2 years and have not yet converted my licence. I wanted to know because I'm 28, and I have held my learners that long will I start again at learners permit here in Victoria? or will I get p's? alternatively is it best just to go back and sit my restricted back home and get the p's if I am denied this time round?


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