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Posted by mikla 15 years ago.

Get a TFN online before arriving in Australia?


As Kiwi that never been to Australia I am trying to register for a TFN online, but I couldn't. It says I have to contact Australian immigration.

Did I miss something?

I want to get my TFN online before I arrive in Australia.

Help please...

Do I have to make TFN after I arrive in aus?? what about I want to make before I arrive in AUS? Why I have to contact AUS immigration?

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Reply from anonymous 15 years ago.

Maybe it'll be easier that you apply for your TFN when you arrive. Just take your passport, I applied for mine the day after I arrived in Melbourne. It was fast and easy

Reply from help-me-please 13 years ago.

You can only apply online for your TFN if you are IN Australia. They have changed the rules so you can apply for your TFN in NZ before you leave for Aus. Takes about 4 -6 weeks to receive in the post to your NZ postal address (just a letter with your TFN on it). Just print off and fill out the form at: "Tax file number - application or enquiry for an individual living outside Australia"

Question 10 Asked "Why do you need a TFN"? I marked option 6 and wrote that I was coming to Australia to work and wanted to get one before I left NZ. All the other options don't apply if your a kiwi just wanting to get a TFN to work.

You have to go to the Australian High Comission. ( i went to Level 7, Price Waterhouse Coopers Tower, 186-194 Quay St, Auckland) just google one nearest to you. You need to get your NZ passport and NZ drivers licence verified (they photocopy it, put a Australian stamp and sign it). You have to pay $72 to get the documents verified ($36. per each document getting verified). Then post all this off to Canberra and put on the form that I was planning to come and work in Australia and wanted to get one before I came. They also send back your orginal documents (verified NZ passport and NZ Drivers Licence).

The Australian High Comission is open only at certain TIMES and DAYS (e.g 10am - 1pm) so its best to ring them and see what times they are open. Hope this helps!

Reply from iunita 7 years ago.

Hi, I just want to make sure that I get this right - I can't apply for a tax file number while in NZ? Because me and my two girls will move to Brisbane and I want to get my tax sorted before I arrive in Australia. Please any help thanks...much appreciated.

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