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Posted by sasha 6 years ago.

Finding a rental and job

Hi my husband 2 kids and myself are leaving for Perth on the 20th september. We originally had a place to stay with family but that has fallen through as they have other family coming from South Africa. (We coming from nz. We are NZ citizens.)

We are needing a place to stay for about a month while we looking for place to stay. My husband is also looking for a job. He is a qualified plumber. Our reason for moving over, is that we have no family here and we are looking at buying a house next year, which is impossible here in Auckland.

Never been to Perth, so not sure about the different areas. Kids are 2 1/2 and 11 months. Any help would be appreciative. We have a container on th e way so a furnished house would be great

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Reply from lex-lucifer 2 years ago.

im in the same boat as you - looking at melbourne or cairns at the moment due to being unable to find a rental here in wellington, yet alone being shafted out of the property market due to these silly lvr restrictions in addition to a relationship that didnt work out as expected.

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