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Posted by carraz22 15 years ago.

Easiest way to pay debt in New Zealand while living in Australia?

What is the easiest way to pay for debt still owing in New Zealand while living in Australia? Should we keep a New Zealand account open?

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Reply from little-helper 15 years ago.

Yes - we've left a couple of bank accounts open in NZ and transfer funds on bulk to minimise transfer fees. I'm not sure if there are really any better options than that, although you might want to consider replacing your NZ debt with an Australian loan, if practical. That way you get to take advantage of the stronger Aussie dollar and avoid any costs associated with regular debt payments.

Reply from carraz22
15 years ago.

thanks very much!!! your site is extremely helpful :)

Reply from chloe 15 years ago.

I would suggest you to keep the nz bank account. and you can either leave some fund there for the loan deduction or you can send money back to your nz a/c by international money transfer in a regular basis.

Reply from anonymous 14 years ago.

i have a bank loan in NZ and transfer money by a telegraphic transfer which costs $30 but it is safe and cost effective at this time. Keep an eye on exchange rates

Reply from domino 11 years ago.

I got the same problem , Im here already in Australia , I tried to negotiate before with GE finance NZ, if I could pay my debts here in their Branch here but they didnt want it instead they want us to pay in full amount which is almost 40th. dlrs plus interest . I did ignore them for almost 4yrs because I cant pay them in full but with terms of monthly . Up to know Im looking for a solution how I could solve my problem , because their giving me a lot of pressure every now and then letters and calls from them keeps coming . I want to pay them but not on their terms . Due to my financial standing here right now.

Reply from omgwhatdoido 11 years ago.

I owe about 50k in my nz bank account can i still move to aussie and pay my debt from there through international transfer.Will my passport be affected through customs oweing this amount of money?

Reply from freshly-in-aus 5 years ago.

Just wondering if anyone got the Australian loan to pay off debts in new Zealand?