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Posted by curious 15 years ago.

Does our New Zealand credit history follow us all the way to Australia?

First I see someone answering yes it does and then I see no, start afresh!! it a yes or no? Thanks

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Reply from kiwibella 8 years ago.

It does depending who you apply with. I applied through Fantastic Furniture and because my credit file was so new they went and checked my NZ file with Veda. It showed my entire NZ credit report. I know there was something passed here stating that there was no information sharing of credit reporting between the two countries but I need to check that again

Reply from jess 14 years ago.

When I moved here, it didnt.. and my credit in nz was shocking!!!! But you have had to be working for a minimum period of 3 months first before applying.

But it could be different from bank to bank. All the best

Reply from dannie 14 years ago.

ahhh yes i too was confused with that... what is the bank you went thro?

Reply from maya 8 years ago.

No it doesn't and it goes the same way coming from aussie to Nz xx

Reply from rare-japan 4 months ago.

Based on a number of other experiences that people have shared here, it really depends on who you are applying for credit with and what credit checks they run.

Some businesses will not check your credit history in NZ - either because they use a credit reporting business that doesn't offer that ability, or because they don't specifically run a check on you in NZ.

If you use your NZ ID when applying, then that seems to increase the chances that someone will run a credit check in NZ. So if you have a bad credit history in NZ, you might want to think about how to reduce the chance of that happening...

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