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Posted by silly-boy 16 years ago.

Does my New Zealand credit rating go with me to Australia?

If I have bad credit here in New Zealand and apply for something on hire purchase in Australia, will the companies over there share info with the companies here? Or is it like starting fresh?

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Reply from the-collector 8 years ago.

Credit reporting information is available for 5 years from the date your default was loaded with the credit reporting agency in either NZ or Aussie. In NZ there are 3 Credit reporting Agencies D&B, Veda & Centrix. some defaults are loaded with all 3, some with 2 and some with just 1. But they all seem to have information regarding each others defaults.

You are entitled to and they are legally obliged to provide you a FREE copy of your credit history held on their files simply by going to their website and asking for it.

Officially changing your name does not give you a clear credit rating, the change of name is publicly available information and all agencies update their files with name changes and also add aliases where and when they are uncovered.

Debt in both countries and in most others has a statutory life from when it was incurred in NZ and Aussie that is 6 years from when it was incurred or from when the last repayment if latter was made or from when you acknowledge the debt and propose some form of repayment. There are some exceptions but as a general rule although you can collect a debt no matter how old, a court would not support collection of a debt that had not been acknowledged, part or part paid in the last 6 years.

I work in debt collection and we collect in over 120 countries, if we can find a debtor (that's the key) we will continue to attempt to collect for the life of the debt.

Your best option if things are really really bad financially is to leave either country, set yourself up in the other country and then put yourself into bankruptcy in your original country. The reason being is that the bankruptcy jurisdiction is only valid in the country in which you went bankrupt, so none of the bankruptcy obligations can be imposed on you in your new country, such as having all of your financial matters monitored by the official receiver, not being able to apply for credit, own a car valued over $5,000, having to get permission to go on holiday, not able to run or own a business or work for family, etc. You'll be discharged in about 3 years owing absolutely nothing to anyone.

A much better option than becoming a debt fugitive and trying to hide for 6 years, skulking about using aliases and really avoiding nothing but missing out on a lot.

In the mean time you can build a new credit record in your new country and get on with your life and return to either country when you are discharged.

Finally, in answer to #91 above "Can the bank sue you for fraud"?. It's not fraud its deception and theft, serious enough to get up to 10 years inside. The world is a small place and countries have extradition treaties that you might think no one would be interested in the theft of a few thousand dollars, however, you'll be listed with interpol and when you least expect it when leaving or entering a country you will get nabbed. You said you were earning good money so why change careers to a thief?

Reply from tryinytostartover 8 years ago.

to the "The Collector", can aussie debt collector buy a nz debt and go after you in aussie or if i go bankrupt in nz would that stop the aussie collector coming after me?

Thanks for your help

Reply from stuinsyd 15 years ago.

It may be the case that moving from the UK, your credit history may not follow you- but moving from NZ to Aussie, it will (and visa-versa). Your credit file it actually maintained by the same entity either side of the Tasman- Veda Advantage (previously Baycorp Advantage/ Baynet). In my work a few years ago working as a credit analyst with a bank in Melbourne, several times I had customers declined loans due to defaults on their credit file that were incurred in New Zealand, prior to them arriving. Whilst credit defaults are not neccessarily grounds for a decline immediately (it may be possible to explain if for example it was a dispute relating to the usage of a mobile phone), usually it would require a very good (and plausable) explanation.

Credit files function differently in different countries- for example in the US it's a 'scoring' system where you can actually get a 'good' credit rating. In Australia and NZ however, a 'good' credit rating pretty much means that firstly you have one (have applied for credit at some stage in the past), and that nothing 'bad' has happened on it. Your credit file also lists instances where you have applied for credit, and address changes. A high frequency of either of those factors can bear negatively on a lenders' decision (ie- if you apply for say 3 credit cards in a month, it may not look good (regardless of whether those applications were even approved- which I still don't believe is tracked in the credit file yet).

With the exception of some government jobs that require security clearances, I can not really think of any jobs where your credit rating is relevant to the application process or must be provided (note- the government roles I refer to above would require you to be an Australian Citizen also, therefore are likely not be be relevant under your circumstances). I have even sofar worked in 3 banks in Aussie and never heard of your credit file being required for a job application.

Even with a bad credit file, you can open an account and conduct your day-to-day life without a problem, provided you don't need credit. Australian banks are more-and-more offering Credit Card alternatives, such as Mastercard and Visa Debit cards, linked to your normal transaction/current account. For these there are no credit limits, and no credit being extended, hence your credit file should be irrelevant (however I can't speak for all institutions).

Remember that in Australia, Banking and Finance is MUCH more strictly regulated than in NZ, as is Privacy legislation. Banks alone in Aussie are regulated by FOUR different government bodies. If you are applying for anything at all (job, account, or whatever), you will have to sign a consent for the company to conduct a credit check on you. With a bank this will usually be one or more paragraphs at the back of the application form, with jobs it would have to be a seperate consent form.

Hope some of this helps...

Reply from karmz 15 years ago.

Thank you StuInSyd for the very helpful info. marvelous!

Reply from kiwi-bro 10 years ago.

That is unless you have been bankrupt - that will follow you. I guess my advice is first get a job and register with Veda for credit monitoring and credit score. It will alert you of anything that happens on your file.

Start small like renting accommodation to utilities and such, but keep your credit enquiries to a minimum. 3 to 4 a year maximum! And slowly build your credit file to perfection.

Beware phone companies. Tesltra almost destroyed mine. Unbeknownst to me, every time I added a new service with them - i.e. cell phone, data pack, TV top box etc, they done an enquiry. So when I went to buy my house I already had 7 enquiries that they would not remove! I kept trying anyhow and an unbelievable 13 enquiries later, I was approved :)

Always make sure when you enquire about anything check if they are going to do a credit enquiry. Be sensible with your second chance. I have debt but my assets and savings outweigh my debt and that's the way to always keep it. Hope this helps.

Good luck!

Reply from mrs-t 9 years ago.

Hi guys, I've just moved here from Nz and have bad credit due to a failed business. I work as a property manager here in Qld and can confirm that we conduct Australian-only credit checks for rentals, so you will be able to rent a property here.

I have looked into car finance and they all do Veda checks from NZ, so bad credit will affect you here. Most companies also have issues with people who have lived here less than 6 months, however, I found there are a few companies that do in-house finance with no credit checks, so you can get car finance if you know where to look.

Connecting power, phone etc has been not issue as these companies only do Australia searches. Hope this helps.

Reply from rosanna 9 years ago.

I think the real answer here depends on what you tell the company your borrowing from. If you say you've been in Australia for a short time then they'll probably do a check in NZ.

It also depends if the person your dealing does their job properly and requests previous addresses etc.

Probably best to say you've been here all your life??? Just a thought!

Reply from yup-safe 7 years ago.

I declared bankruptcy in New Zealand while living in Australia. Didn't affect me here, I got a mortgage through boq, and a credit card. They cannot legally pursue you for debt in Australia from New Zealand.

Reply from tmacza 16 years ago.

I am planning to move to Oz too, and researched a little on credit rating from one country to another. At a lady asked the same question and the response was "you get a fresh start in OZ with your credit, but that you would need to provide information at the time you apply or need to use it, my sister has just moved to Perth and they were required to produce evidence of: identity, pay slips or evidence of income ( to confirm servicablility), a bill with an address of where they were living. Voila!!!.

Hope this helps. If any other knowledge different to this hope someone posts it. Excited mover...

Reply from meme 15 years ago.

i had a loan acct and bank acct in melb and then moved back to nz and then stopped paying my monthly fees..i havent had any contact with baycorp here..I am moving back shortly to nsw am i able to open another bank acct?

Reply from teesol 15 years ago.

We had to wait for 3 months before we could apply for any credit. One of us were working and I wouldn't even try to get credit until you have been working for at least 3 months. We are with the ASB and went to the Commonwealth Bank that owns the ASB and they weren't even interested in our history with the ASB. Be warned though, if you stuff up your payments and get a bad mark against your name, that's it!! If you are coming over and are going to self employed you will need to trade for 12 months before they will even look at giving you finance for a car or a house.

Reply from michee 14 years ago.

my sister-in-law moved from NZ to aussie to get away from her VERRY bad credit. they tried to get a loan to buy a car and were turned down WHY... because NZ had baycorpe and it is an aussie company... and thing you do in NZ WILL affect you in aussie.... not everone will get caught. but you should. if you have stuffed up you credit it should follow you

Reply from divmise12 14 years ago.

My husband has bad credit back in NZ, and when he moved here like a month later he got a loan (even though he had bad credit back in NZ) but when my Mother n Law applied for a loan for a car she was turned down because of her credit history back in NZ (she has terrible credit history) Some Loan places check your credit history back in NZ and others dont.... depends on who you deal with.

Reply from jayjan 13 years ago.

Bad credit in NZ and now living in australia and I want to clear my debts. How do i go about paying my debts.?

Reply from rachaelwantstomove 13 years ago.

Does anyone know what banks wont check nz rating? I have very bad credit from stupid mistakes years ago but still haunts me in nz.

Reply from poor-kiwi 13 years ago.

Hi im a Kiwi i lived in Aussie 17 yrs i had an accident at work couldnt work for a while but never on any benifits after a while i moved back to NZ started business worked hard but my condition has caught up with me i can still work but for how long i dont know im considering bankruptcy i have bad dept here now i have been stuck here i hate it here New Zealand so much but dont know what to do i so much miss Aussie. Anyone out there with some good advice? what if i change my name im prepered to do anything.

Regards Poor-kiwi

Reply from another7months 13 years ago.

Hi Poor Kiwi

Have you heard of a non-asset procedure? As long as your debt is under $40k and you don't own property or any assets worth alot of money - this maybe an option for you. Have a look into it. I did. After a year you will be debt free and not bankrupt.


Good luck.

Reply from tr2gc 13 years ago.

Thank you to everyone on here for the questions and answers. Oh my! This is a huge help on my hands. :-)

Reply from ses 13 years ago.

Hi there, i have bad credit history in NZ but i am moving to aussie can i open just an every day bank account no problem? thanks

Reply from hend-char 12 years ago.

Yep ses you will be fine. I read a blog online before I moved to Aust and it stated you can apply online through commonwealth bank and when you get here, you pick your bank card up! thats outstanding, and it happened. I suggest to do it in advance like a month, i did a week or two and it wasent ready.

Reply from identikit 12 years ago.

just change your name, credit rating clear voila!!

Reply from puppet001 12 years ago.

Your Kiwi credit rating means nothing here in Aussie. We are A+ credit rated in NZ. Get to Aussie, no credit rating, you have to establish one. Companies do not share info as Ive aked Veda and Baycorp. My partner applied for a phone contract thru Telstra, was declined as he had a bad credit rating in Australia???? We had only just moved here.

He eventually got a contract as he found the debt was for a person with the exact same name, not same DOB or address. He got his Medicare and Driver Licence CRN and running that theu Telstra system they gave him a phone contract as they realised it was not his debt. He then went for an upgrade phone and was told they had to over ride his bad debt thru a Manager at Telstra. He went nuts, so did I, Ombudsman was informed who got involved. Telstra was told to jam their contract. They did.

Beware of things like this happening, totally unfair, although under the Official Information Act you have the right to correct information about yourself, clearly it is not the case. We were intending on buying a house here, but after experincing this, and realising the houses here are too dare for what they are and insurance is ridiculously high, as well as the dumb stamp duty on houses and having to pay the bank to take out mortage insurance we have realised the grass aint that green on this side of the fence.

Reply from wmh 12 years ago.

I have bad credit in Nz (nothing bad in last 4 yrs) I am moving to oz and wonder do employers/ recruitment companies do credit checks and if so can they see Nz credit history or only aust history?? Cheers Will

Reply from anonymous 12 years ago.

Hi I am wondering if when I go back to nz will I be arrested because of the bad credit I have there? Thanks

Reply from brizza 12 years ago.

just a comment. i went to australia in 2003 with extreemly bad credit in nz. being young and stupid.i got line of credit strait away bank credit cards ect.small loans. i have been back in nz since 2007 deported from australia and i have had no contact from these banks or organisations nor has it been added to my credit file in nz. and their is a statue of limitations which only allows companys to pursue old debt for 6 long as u dont go into a agreement with company to repay debt....or start making payment b4 for this debt expires..i have taken responsibility for my old credit in nz. and now have established my credit rating again to the point where i can obtain some credit... except banks!! good luck

Reply from joe-blow 12 years ago.

hi there. from my sister in laws experience you start afresh in aussie. She had 10g baycorp debt and was able to get credit cards and loans not long after being in australia. So maybe some companies check with baycorp and some don't?

Reply from tocool 12 years ago.

hi if i have a bad credit in nz with baycorp and banks still i can able to open a account with aussie banks? and what about a job if the employer check my credit rating will my credit rating saw it to them? please reply as i already have a job offer in melbourne and i am going for a interview soon. tnkx all

Reply from just-checking 12 years ago.

Hi, I have 1300 owing to ASB nz on a credit card that I never used but cant proove it, I have 250 owing to baycorp nz for a loan that was paid off but this is the extra fees etc. Am I able to get a car loan in aussie?if so, who would be the best people to ask? I lived in aussie for 2.5years and returned to nz but now want to go back. The bank debt will be about 6years old also.

Reply from renee 12 years ago.

I would think it would be viable to pay your dues before heading abroad. Makes sense, why have debt hanging over your head ~ Realistically you would not really be starting afresh, you'd be accumulating more debt in both countries, not to forget the debt collection fees that would be still on the rise with the collector trying to find you.

Reply from sophie 12 years ago.

Finally the answers I’ve been looking for, I’m 20 and I have a very bad credit, young and dumb and didn’t know how to pay bills.. I am moving to Aus in December and I am hoping for a much better life, I am going to pay off these debts as soon as I can but I’m worried that I wont be able to get a lease on a house, or sign up to power company or anything... Fingers crossed it all works out! Seeing some of these comments make me feel a bit better. Thank you :)

Reply from right-on 12 years ago.

Having bad debt in NZ while living and working in Australia have any restrictions on your kiwi passport, if flying out of australia to another country.?

Reply from johnson 11 years ago.

Kiwis moving to Oz. Get a bank account online before you go - Commonwealth Bank. When you arrive you go to the branch with ID and then they post you your ATM cards a few days later. They provide you your bank account # via email before you arrive.

Once you have a job & some payslips then you can apply for phone/internet/power/rental house/finance for a car etc. You will need ID - passport, drivers licence. When you get here apply for a Medicare card too - that is classed as ID (free and you need it for docs). My car loans are through Esanda - who dont check back in NZ.

I have a $1500k credit card debt with Baycorp in NZ....they dont know Im in Oz. My mail does international redirection. I kept my nz bank open and didnt tell them I was moving. I closed my accounts with Sky, Vodafone etc etc - but gave no forwarding address. (tell them moving to their competitor). International mail redirection will cost you about $200 for the year.

I had car finance approved within a week of being here (I had a job (employment contract as proof) and a rental agreement for our house (the agent didnt credit check me). I had $10k credit card approved a month later - bank didnt credit check me in NZ.

So far I have learnt that they can send all the threatening letters they like but Veda/Baycorp arent exchanging information (they threaten they are but its rubbish).

I am in the early stages of applying for a mortgage. My mortgage guy has told me we are using a lender who doesnt check back in NZ - so as long as everything here on my Oz record is sweet (which it is) then we will be good to go. The thing is - you can have a fresh start here - get your loans sorted as soon as you get a job/can prove an income/permanent address - then dont apply for any more credit until you are ready to buy a house.

I brought my cars with no deposit.

Now, Im not advocating running away from debts - but do understand everyone has different cirucmstances/priorities - hard to justify sending your last $200 home to NZ to a debt collector when your kids need food or the power bill needs to be paid. And yes - after 5 years they get written off and your credit record is clear again. I know this from first hand experience also.

Reply from kiwi-bro 11 years ago.

johnson who is the lender you are going through please? in early stages of mortgage the mo im going with my bank commonwealth..

Reply from johnson 11 years ago.

Mortgage Broker says Commonwealth and/or ANZ are best bet for mortgage if you have been here less than 2 years.

Reply from trapped-kiwi 11 years ago.

I arrived bad from Aussie 2004 to look after my sick mother had some bad credit I got credit ok in NZ after few months ok i started a business it went great My mum deid 6 mths after i arrived started business here as she was the only family I had and find know anyone here as I lived i Melbourne & Perth 18 yrs was happy there but last 8 yrs in Auckland have been there worst time of my life I hate being here 4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with bone disease my work is fisical so can't work and have decided to go bankrupt I owe allot to IRD and others I need to fo back to Oz for new start, can anyone advise me if i need to go bankrupt cause I don't intend to ever come Back was told after 7 yrs away frm Aussie all bad debt will be wiped if for se Reason I Sid have to ome Back will I be stopped de going back? Sorry for life story but any longer here there isn't one. Please any info is appreciated.

Reply from nz-oldie 11 years ago.

Hi, I am moving in 2013 to Sydney and I wondered if my credit rating will go with me to Australia as I am wanting to buy a car and furniture over there. Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Reply from new-to-aus 11 years ago.

Hi everyone, ive been in Aus for about 9 weeks and left behind maybe $1000 with baycorp, i tried to get it paid before i left as it was higher but i couldnt do it. I got a mobile on a plan about a month ago and that credit check came back ok and i got the phone etc. Now im in the process of financing a car as the one i got when i first arrived is falling apart and ive already spent about $1000 getting it fixed when it broke down (it was a cheap car) . Im hoping that my bad credit back home wont stop me from getting the car, i cant afford to pay outright as i am currently saving to move into my own place (currently flatting) . I will let you all know how i go with the car and whether they check my NZ credit or not.

Reply from alby 11 years ago.

Reading these comments give me hope and confusion at the same time. Like all these other people, I have really bad credit, I can't get credit at all from anywhere here in NZ! I have a few defaults on my credit file and I just want a definite answer on whether or not I can get credit in AUS.

My Mum lives over there already and has for the past 10 years or so, she told me I can get credit because when I move over my credit history doesn't follow me and I will need to gain one over there. Other people have been telling me no though. A firm definite answer would be appreciated! Thanks :)

Reply from new-to-aus 11 years ago.

So it turns out i left 2 defaults behind in NZ, they were from 2009 but paid in full in Apr 2011. This was obviously checked by the dealership and they would not finance me, however they did have a broker they used and my application is in the process of a preapproval because i am unable to get the car i want due to its age.

i was looking at a 2002 Mazda 323, and they would like me to get something 2005 and newer. I am waiting to hear back from the dealership with a confirmed pre-approval before i go back and look at another car.

Also, i know that i had more than those 2 defaults, but these two are the only ones showing because as soon as they go past the 5 year mark, paid or not then they arent seen so im told. I know i have one from about 10 years ago that still has not been paid in full, but this was not mentioned by the dealership.

So i would say if you have anything older than 5 years old, paid or not paid you should be fine.

Reply from stay 11 years ago.

I have terrible credit back home in NZ... Ive been here 2weeks in Melbourne and have already got a job... Sounds like some people get a 2nd chance and others don't with getting a clean break here in Aus!! I would love to get a personal loan from my bank in the near future... BUT still not sure if my credit will follow me or not!! Can anyone offer any companys who don't credit check back to NZ please?? Cheers

Reply from someone 11 years ago.

I'm not from Nz nor from Aussie but from somewhere from europe,

The thing is this dude got a phone from me under my name, but he didnt pay for the plan and left the country. Now all the company gave it to a debt collection agency. I m trying to get back at him but no response so far and don't even know his whereabouts..

I left NZ as well, is it still possible for me to go back to NZ? will they stop me at the border? If i don't pay early, will the dept increase? and if it would, then would it be smarter for me to pay it now and get back at him for the money or wait till he gives it to me before i pay it? Also what if I want to go to apply a working/study visa for Aussie, will they let me in and let me live life how i want? or will the debt/bad credit thing follow me?

Reply from danielle 11 years ago.

So I have been in ozzy now for 4 months... I sold a car in nz and kept the money to help with set up here in oz.. I have had the finance company go through my Facebook and go though my friends list and contacted them after googling where they worked! I admit- the guilt has kicked in but im wondering whats the worse that can happen?? they repo the car from the new owner, sell it then im stuck with the difference? can they track me in australia even when government laws her dont disclose personal info (i have asked and checked) I also have been sent to Baycorp due to unpaid GE card and a Vodafone bill I refused to pay! Since moving to oz I have got a phone on contract with Vodafone! I want to buy a car - but want to find a company that don't check nz records...

Has anyone ran away from debt like this and finance companies chased them from nz? If they don't know your personal details can they still find you?

Reply from ukguyinnz 11 years ago.

Hi..Iam from UK..lived in NZ for 2 years back in 2010...due to unfortunate circumstances I couldn't pay my debts in NZ - Credit Cards, Smalls loans etc. around $20K before I left the county in Jan 2012 to live in UK again. Checked my Veda credit report from NZ & found many credit defaults under my name. Now it looks like a NZ employer likes to offer me a good job back again...So I need to move to NZ by June 2013 to join the company. My question is when I enter NZ do you believe immigration will stop me & potentially arrest me for left over debts & credit defaults. Please help me here & my intention now to pay back my debt once I settle back in a job in NZ. Please help..

Reply from butler 11 years ago.

Can unpaid loans stop you from leaving the country igot a loan last year was silly and dumb and im scared it will stop me from leaving i want to move to make a better life and eventually pay my loan off

Reply from kia 11 years ago.

I was unsure too thinking I was breaching my contract at my bank, so I went and saw my banking consultant, he said it was fine as long as I kept paying it and I do this through Currency Online every fortnight . Also my GE Money loan, I also contacted them - that is fine too! I have emailed both my new address here in Aus to both GE and Bank :)

Reply from nazp 11 years ago.

The only debts that would be held against you in the airport on your return to New Zealand would be the traffic fines, let alone court fines. You will not be arrested on your return to New Zealand if you have other than those debts. If you have outstanding traffic /court fines, you may need to ring them and arrange payment (in instalment) before you go to avoid any arrest made. Hope this help

Reply from perthnew 11 years ago.

Hi Everyone,

So have been in Perth a little on 2 months now. I am banking with NAB they seem great. However I applied for a loan to get into a vehicle and bugger a small 600 NZ Telecom bill showed up. So the bank declined me and I had to chase around to sort out paying my bill. So now that I paid it I went to another bank and again declined.

My advice be careful who you apply with, and it seems touch and go who you apply with.

Reply from kiwi-in-oz 11 years ago.

We are in Perth, and took out finance for a car and because we had only been here just under a year and paid no deposit, they checked our credit history in NZ, which is excellent!! So you could say yes it does.


Reply from kiwi-bro 11 years ago.

Bad credit in NZ got credit card in OZ Within six a mortgage and bought a house in under a year..that was a couple of months checks with Veda do not include NZ..fresh start in OZ..

Reply from willie 11 years ago.

thanks for this site

Reply from headlights 11 years ago.

Hello folks - I've been in the UK now for almost three years after moving from NZ in December 2010. I left some unpaid bills and thus have incurred a bad credit rating. I am returning back to NZ early November 2013. All I want to do is open a bank account - the easiest kind - basically something to have my salary paid into - not interested in any credit cards as i have found a debit card to be perfect for me.
My question is - how difficult will it be for me to open this bank account? . Previously I had accounts with Kiwibank and BNZ. There's been some excellent advice on here so I am hoping someone will be able to help me. My genuine intention will be to sort the unpaid debt out , in time once I am ahead with some savings behind me. Thanks very much

Reply from tha-bro 10 years ago.

It's a fresh start in Aussie with credit. However when I first moved over here in 06 I avoided using my passport as identification and made out I'd been here for ages - even giving a bullshit previous address on application forms.

I've been here 8 years now and did a credit check back in NZ and all my old debts have gone. If you do need car finance and can't get accepted over here just ask car dealers for in-house credit as they usually don't check your credit history.

Reply from ford 10 years ago.

I don't know if your credit history follows you to Austrailia but I thought I should share what I know about credit reporting and debt collection in NZ.

My credit score has be irreversibly damaged by ANZ bank. They have listed two defaults on my Veda report. Your credit score also matters. In NZ some banks won't accept you if your credit score is too low. When I opened a new bank account my Veda score dropped by 70 points. I also had substantial errors on my report. Which took a month to get removed and the points I lost from someone elses fault, will never ever be regained.

The banking ombudsman found that ANZ bank had lent money irresponsibly but they don't have to pay for what they have done wrong. I had the option to file for the No asset procedure or bankruptcy but the end result is still the same in terms of my ruined credit file. Even a simple enquiry from a creditor will remove valuable points. Veda will list details on credit reports even if the detail is incorrect. They will also list debts that are in dispute.

The only way to can recover from a bad credit file is to change your name and never incur anymore debt.

I'm running a debt seminar next year in Christchurch to expose what really happens when you get into debt and also how the debt collection companies operate. The debt industry is taking advantage of people. We need to speak out.

Reply from kiwi-boy 10 years ago.

Hi all. Looking at moving to oz, but coming back to NZ 4 months later to get my partner and new born baby. But I have bad credit here in NZ. Will I be able to get back into NZ and leave again? Please help me.

Reply from kiwi-bro 10 years ago.

I moved two years ago with bad credit. Opened a bank account straight away. Only needed ID. Got job then moved out of friend's house into a rental. About this time Les Mills defaulted. More bad credit. Still got phones power everything hooked up.

Long story short, one year almost to the day I arrived I bought a house. Another year I got a $25,000 personal loan for my Harley and some renovations and am looking to buy another house in the New Year.

Your bad credit history from NZ does not follow you to OZ. End of story.

Reply from sydney-living 10 years ago.

Hi everyone, yeah this post is pretty confusing. I have a long story short,t partner moved here in May. He had great credit until we found out his father had a $10,000 loan under his name at Westpac in NZ (I have no idea how he did it).

Anyways he has emails saying he now has bad credit for 5 years. Now Westpac do not forward their debt onto collectors such as Veda or Baycorp but another company.

I have perfect credit, but when I have applied for car loans recently I have been told I have not lived/worked here long enough and my partner earns more money than me so his name will need to be on the application.

What I'm trying to find out is, what's best course of actions we have put $2000 on the debts which is annoying. The debt company keep harassing us with emails. So just wanting to clarify after 5 years it's completely wiped! And when you change your name, everything's fine?

We really need to buy a car, don't know what to do. If anyone has any clear ideas on best thing to do and banks/finance companies that don't check your NZ history we would greatly appreciate that help. Thanks heaps

Reply from jonboy 10 years ago.

Hi what banks do you recommend to join if you have bad credit in NZ? As in getting credit cards etc.

Reply from your-answer 9 years ago.

Hi guys-From new zealand- I just returned from australia 2 weeks ago 29/10/2014 - I had bad bad credit when i moved there (Australia)- Just make sure that you get a medicare card and your Australian drivers licence and presto-you have new credit- I got a credit card with the bank and a car on finance- as long as you have those two things- they don't credit check outside aussie :)

Reply from ozziegirl 9 years ago.

No guys , rest assure, they can not stop you . Debt with your bank is not a criminal offence. There are people with Debts involving hundreds of thousands, and they come and go to diffirent countries Enjoy your holiday in Oz

Reply from coolangata 9 years ago.

Only government fines may stop you from leaving the country eg, speeding tickets, but if you show that you're attempting to pay it off then you should be fine....really not sure about bad credit history following you from NZ, as my credit history sux and I need a car!

Reply from kane-faldo 9 years ago.

Does anybody actually have a clear and definite answer on this subject?

The question of whether or not your bad credit rating in NZ follows you to Australia?

I've heard answers ranging from yes it does, that Veda actually checks Aussie and Nz when doing a credit check?

And then others who arrived in Australia with terrible credit in NZ, and within a year had financed cars, obtained credit cards and even mortgaged homes.

Another said it will only affect you when trying to finance a car? What if you have 2 passports? I actually have Aussie and kiwi passports and I sound like an Australian.

So upon turning to Australia when trying to get credit I would only show my Australian passport. Would this mean they would do a broader check which would include NZ?

A clear answer on this topic would be great! Cheers :-)

Reply from kiwibro 9 years ago.

The answer is no! I have bad credit in NZ when i left 2 and a half years ago and have just bought second house, I also have veda alert which shows my credit history and there is nothing from NZ on it, it also alerts me to a number of things to do with enquiries etc. against my file.. so the clear simple answer is no your credit history does not follow you to Oz unless its Bankruptcy :)

Reply from baycorps-most-wanted 9 years ago.

I now live in Melbourne Australia, I moved from NZ a year ago. The thing is I have $7k debt with Baycorp in NZ and they are now sending me letters here in OZ..Does Baycorp Australia affiliate with Baycorp NZ?? I have blocked all Baycorp NZ numbers, however the letters still come. Or are the letters all a bluff as I called Baycorp oz (private number) and they said I needed to be transferred to baycorp nz as their delegations & policies are different? Anyone going through same patch?

Reply from patty 9 years ago.

Hey o have bad credit in nz about 6k through baycorp atm have been in aus for 2 years. Just got a letter from baycorp australia? Will this affect my rating over here help please?

Reply from bad-credit-king 9 years ago.

So no one has a certain answer - if you have bad credit in NZ it follows you to Australia. i just moved to oz from nz on the 11.3.15. I am going to apply for a credit card in the next month and will keep you all updated on how it goes. I will get a straight answer.

Reply from mewilldo 9 years ago.

Hi, I'm throwing ideas on the table at the moment and one of those ideas is moving to New Zealand. I have a $2,000 debt that's been referred to Dun & Bradstreet. I'm wanting to buy and set up a house either here in Australia or over in New Zealand. Will my debt/credit rating follow me to New Zealand?

Reply from rosanna 9 years ago.

Concerning debt left behind in NZ..

According the NZ law there is a statute of limitation to debt unpaid in NZ.

The Citizens Advisory Bureau of NZ states the following on their website...

Whether the debt has arisen from an informal arrangement or an unpaid bill or services or goods, if the debt is older than 6 years then generally you can't take the debtor to court over it, unless:

a court has ordered the debtor to pay, or
the debtor has paid a portion of the debt within the last 6 years, or the debtor admits in writing that they owe you the money. The 6-year period begins from when the person borrowed the money (or incurred the debt by agreeing to pay you for your goods or services), or when they last made a part-payment.

Reply from hastag 9 years ago.

Recent reforms to the Privacy Act mean that foreign (including New Zealand) credit information should not be included in Australian credit reports. Please review the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website for further information on recent Privacy Act credit reporting reforms.

Reply from ozziegirl 9 years ago.

Guys, seems we are all in the same position. Believe me, I have sleepless nights over a two-year-old debt of about $32,000 due to a business that failed. It is a Credit Card Debt and the bank handed me over to a Debt collector. I lived in the UK and never had any financial problems, owned a house etc.

NZ is a different story. Things went for the worst in the 4 years I lived there.

I was offered a job in Melbourne and for the first time I can see the sun shining over me again. Things are turning up roses. I live realistic and rent a small 2 room apartment, have a car I bought cash and only have a debit card. I do not owe anyone in Australia a dime.

Now, the justice department in NZ got hold of my previous address in Aus through IRD ( my tax is also paid in full in NZ) I have luckily moved to another rental property and although the letter was forwarded by the new resident, can I pretend to not have received it?

In the letter they just ask if I am the person, and if this is my address and if so can I kindly contact them. Anyone know if I can return the letter to sender. Why is this going to Court? Anyone please help!

PS. There is no way I can repay this at this stage. I am supporting my two twin girls studying in NZ and I cannot have them know of this. I do not know what to do. I have been able to avoid them getting hold of me for more than two years now!

Reply from ultra-bad-credit 9 years ago.

Hey ozzie girl. Yes do not reply or make contact with whoever in regards to letter you have recieved. If u do its enough to warrant them to take you to court and pursue you for another 6years. It costs the company to do it but they will only do it if they know you have been found. I would disregard any letters or phonecalls asking if you are that person.

Reply from wenz 9 years ago.

Hi Iv been living in oz now for 8 yrs and bad NZ debt does not affect credit rating here. We also brought a house say you been here for years not just 6 months ....

Reply from anihem 9 years ago.

Some do some dont. My brother was bankrupt in NZ but got a credit card from Commonwealth. My partner has good credit in NZ and a great job here but ANZ declined him. There is no definitive answer. I have so-so credit and I am in the process of applying for a credit card. Ill post up the results

Reply from newish-mover 9 years ago.

Hi there I've been living in Australia for 5 months. My credit history is clear in NZ, but I have a student loan. Does anyone know what happens if I stop paying it? I also have a car on finance still back home. Does anyone know what happens if that doesn't get paid? As I'm really struggling money-wise over here to keep paying these things over there that I'm not even able to use. Selling the car over there isn't an option as I won't get enough to pay the loan out. Any help would be great.

Reply from ultra-bad-credit 9 years ago.

If you really want to have a fresh clean start without worrying if your going 2 get good credit or declined and your brave enough you can change your name here in n.z and will get clean credit here and oz.

You will have neutral clean credit but not good credit as you will have 2 get something on loan and paid off to push you into GOOD credit. But at least you will have a fresh start just when asked from creditors why you have never applied for loan or credit just say that you never had to until now.

I know these this for fact as a mate has done it and I'm seriously considering a name change. I've had bad credit for years and it doesn't go away unless you haven't been found or been in contact with creditors 6 years.

I made the mistake of answering a call in my 6th year and they asked me is this (name) that alone they can renew the timeframe by going to court so it really doesn't go away unless you have no contact whatsoever or they don't track you.

Its seriously put me in depression and now thinking of changing name but try not have it resemble your real name too much as they can link you.

Reply from nutty-kiwi 9 years ago.

Ultra bad credit - your right about your mate. My cousin did just that. He was way over his head with bills 30k plus and declaring bankrupt was out, so he changed his name through NZ got a new passport changed his details with transport department (for driving purposes) medicare to prove residency and Human Services and opened a new bank account even used my address because he didn't want anything from the previous name linked with the new name.

Once he got all his ID he applied for a phone just so he can get his credit file up because credit companies look at how long your file has been opened for. When he applied for credit he used a different previous address and mine as his current he only showed his Passport as the Drivers license number will link you with your previous name. Everything he did was different, also when putting down time at previous and current address he put down he was there for a long time it shows your stable. He got approved for the phone contract but was hoping to get declined. Then he started his savings with his bank for a good 12 months and always paying his phone bill on time. Oh by the way yes he does work and he has a family. But never put them in the application as his goal was to free his family from his debt. Fast forward 3 years, He now owns 2 houses which he rents out and has sold his other house and paid all his debt in his previous name. I guess he had to do whatever for his family.

Reply from nzoz 9 years ago.

So I have moved over a year now and have tried to apply for credit for a mobile phone I had only had my NZ passport as ID & medicare card etc but what my problem is my debt in nz is in my maiden name , I got married and that is on my NZ PP I got declined because two defaults showed up Under my married name?

That can't be right but what I think I did wrong was show my NZ PP as proof this has tracked me now I think argh.. Guttered.

Reply from kiwibro 9 years ago.

Well i guess its luck of the draw as i have been here 3 years now have bought two houses credit cards and $25000 personal loan i had very bad credit in NZ but NOT Bankruptcy and even 1 default from Les Mills while i was here before i bought the first house and my credit score with Veda is Very Good..

Reply from singh 9 years ago.

Hi There,

I need information regarding my credit history in Australia. In 2006 i was in Australia and had some phone contacts and one personal loan of au$20000. I paid my instalments for one year till 2007 and come back India dec 2007, i know my credit history is bad .. now i want to go back /apply for AU PR/TR Please help me that its now 7 year and if i apply for visa , will my credit history be checked. is the records are there in file after 7 years ..

please share your experience / knowledge & guide me

Reply from romarani 9 years ago.

Hi, Please if anyone can shine some light on this: While I was in NZ studying I ended up getting into bad debt which I managed to pay off before moving to Aus. Will this bad credit affect me getting finance for house n car in Aus? I also have student loan in NZ which I wish to pay from my earnings in Aus. Thanks

Reply from xkiwi 8 years ago.

Seems like circumstances vary greatly, but our circumstance three years ago was moving to Aus under a No Asset Procedure. (We were discharged from it less than a year after moving to Aus).

We were under the impression that this is an alternative to bankruptcy and figured we'd be fine applying for a car loan in Aus 5 mths after moving over. in NZ it may not be considered bankruptcy, but in Aus they see it as no different so our loan app (with a bank) was rejected. No explaination.

We did eventually find a company who would take us on but the interest is through the roof and this is because they said we were basically bankrupt in NZ so are more of a liability.

So three years later we decide to try with our bank to consolidate this debt to a much lower interest rate but alarm bells went off when we mentioned we were discharged from a No Asset Procedure just under three years ago. The manager was called in and she said that kind of default will remain on our credit file for 7 years and it will be an automatic denial for any loan etc. At least the banker dealing with us had the decency not to go through with the app so that it wouldn't affect our credit file.

So purely from a bankruptcy/no asset procedure point of view, banks won't touch you with a barge pole if you want finance (but they do seem happy to offer credit cards to loyal customers) but there are companies who will gladly take advantage and rip you off through interest.

I've just set up an acc with Veda to regularly check my credit file, so once the Summary is available it will be interesting to see what my default(s) look like now. The actual score is good, but the banks don't use that, they use the info on the file, sadly. So for now it looks like we're stuck with the ridiculously high interest on our car loan.

Reply from kiwifriend 8 years ago.

recently moved to Aussie this year. Got full time employment. Bought brand new car within a week of arrival, just put in some deposit and work contract (proof of income). Rented house as well and got credit card approved online by bank. Don't know if they really do credit check from NZ cause they didn't ask me anything about my NZ life.

Reply from xkiwiee 8 years ago.

Hi. I have unpaid westpac credit card debt from new zealand from 6 years ago.

i moved to australia in 2009 and been living here since then..

i'm getting calls and email from debt collector about this NZ westpac debt.

want to know will they place that debt on my australia credit file? or will it stick to only NZ credit file?

Reply from zsha 8 years ago.

Hello, I am from the UK and now living in New Zealand under my second working holiday visa, I am gaining a sponsor through employment which will enable to me get credit and an extra 2 years to live here.

BUT the thing is...... I will only be staying 2 months into my work sponsor visa, because I have been issued a work visa for Canada and I am going there May.

I'm thinking of applying for a loan with my bank here in New Zealand, which I know will be accepted as I have been earning good money for about 2 years now and can prove further employment for the next 2 years... so will get a loan if I apply.

This loan I'm thinking of just not paying back, and just going to Canada effectively with free money. Can the bank sue me for fraud?

Also will me doing this effect immigration to Australia as a skilled migrant, as I am undergoing this process whilst working in Canada for 2 years.

Reply from visionth 8 years ago.

I just want to reply to the guy who was talking about the move to Canada. What you're talking about there IS fraud. The bank might not sue you as such for the money, although I'm sure they will try that first, but what you need to be careful of is an arrest warrant and a criminal conviction.

If they can prove that you had no intention of re-paying the money, you're right in that it is indeed fraud. The only way around this would probably be to make 2 - 3 re-payments on the loan. That way the bank cant say that you took out the loan with no intentions of re-paying - however I'm not a lawyer.

Regarding changing of your name, I can confirm that this does indeed work. You don't even have to leave Australia to do it as you can just do it all by mail etc.

However there is one slight drawback in doing this...ALL of your name changes will always be shown on your birth certificate, forever. So, if you ever want to move to another country, get a government job etc, you will have a lot of explaining to do regarding the reasons for your name change, if they ask for a copy of your birth certificate.

However, if it is just for obtaining a clean credit file, it should work just fine. You will have to get new ID (license, passport, medicare card), open new bank accounts, and move address etc, but yeah, it can be done.

Can anybody out there in creditland let em know if a bankruptcy from New Zealand carries over to Australia ???

Reply from fresh-start-needed 8 years ago.

If you change your name in NZ, will it give you a clean credit record in Aussie?

Reply from noodles 8 years ago.

My partner was found by ird after living here in oz for nearly 9 years. He thought he had paid off his $8k student loan years before he left NZ as it was taken directly out of his wages but apparently not.

So 9 years living in oz and they have finally tracked him down and it's been nearly 15 years since he did his course.

Be careful people. ird and Baycorp can still find you over here. Eventually. It hasn't caused him any problems so far but ird only found him 6 months ago so we will find out soon as we try and buy a house.

Reply from grassisgreener 7 years ago.

I am planning on relocating to Aussie in the next couple of months. I have a bad credit history and am also discharged bankruptcy. Will this follow me over to Aussie? Anyone in the same situation? Please help! I am in need of a fresh start.

Reply from screwedup 7 years ago.

Hi. I'm 23yo and have already made quite a bad name for myself regarding credit. I am about 4K in default. Can anybody help me w a question. If I legally change my surname would that start a new credit file for me? Has anyone ever done this. Could you please explain a lil?

Regards, Someone who has learnt the importance of credit and is trying to make new.

Reply from sharvid 7 years ago.

What mortgage lenders do not do a credit check in nz? also car loan and credit card providers? I will have most, if not all, paid off by the time I move over (debts incurred during messy marriage breakup, ex husband had access to my id and signed up after our separation and had power accounts etc in my name). I am aware the defaults stay on file for a certain number of years which will potentially affect my credit rating.

Reply from stace 7 years ago.

Question... My hubby and I have bad credit and debt in NZ, some including defaults with rental properties which is affecting eligibility for housing etc and we desperately need fresh start!! We have considered "insolvency-no asset procedure" but friends have suggested moving to Aus with clean slate and once settled with fresh start there then look at our debt in NZ. My concerns are our credit report

Reply from noangel 7 years ago.

I have a debt with ANZ bank and now with baycorp of $6000k looking at moving to Tasmania to work in the government dept. Looking at renting a flat once there and open a bank account, would this affect me because of my credit history. Out for the long haul...Go the mighty All Blacks Lol

Reply from needing-a-response 7 years ago.

Yup safe - They cannot legally pursue you for debt in Australia from New Zealand. Where did you get this information? My parents have a debt from over 6 years ago in NZ. They have been living here since 2010. Baycorp is chasing them to pay a debt with GE Finance NZ. I want to know if the statute of limitation has expired on this already?

Reply from jared 7 years ago.

I left a bank loan in NZ and defaulted. 2 years after was approved another 2 loans 1st 10k which I used to go back to NZ for a holiday and pay off my dept and just incure a bad credit rating for 7years. After 3 years of paying my 1st loan from AU I got a top up to add another 10k which was approved. These were both loans for cars but found myself in a pickle to make repayments between jobs. I know I probably did it the hard was but took me 9 years to pay off the lot which I moved back to NZ with a clean credit record of 9years since my default. It is possible to leave bad credit in NZ when going to AU

Reply from roza 6 years ago.

Hi just wondering who to ring in NZ to find out if my debt is still there?

Reply from update 4 years ago.

Hi all, these all seem some time ago. Does anyone know the latest with moving to Aussie from NZ and having bad credit in NZ? Looking for a car loan any suggestions?

Reply from mishellshell 4 years ago.

Hey guys, if you have defaults in NZ they will clear after 5 years. You can get credit cards etc in Australia. However, if you apply for a home loan in Australia they will check your file in NZ for any outstanding debts or defaults.

Reply from anita 4 years ago.

Hi Shell, how do you know that they check your file in NZ?

Reply from kiwiozzie 4 years ago.

Hi shell, did you get NZ checked when applying for a mortgage? Im confused by this as I was able to get a credit card with NAB bank with no problems. So, why would they not check NZ for credit cards but do for mortgages? I have seriously bad credit in NZ, but we are wanting to buy a home.

Reply from fresh-start-needed 3 years ago.

Hi kiwioz Did you manage to get that home loan? Did they do NZ credit checks?

Reply from ppmaxh 2 years ago.

I was following this post before moving to Mel in 2019. We are already settled well in Aus with no issues, we even got our mortgage approved, bought a house, secured 2x car loans… though we cleared most of our debts back in NZ none of the lenders here checked for the NZ credit history….

A new life, from scratch is really awesome… would never get in to the debt crap again

Reply from curious 2 years ago.

Ppmaxh what lenders did you use for home loan?

Reply from nicole22 2 years ago.

Hi @Ppmaxh we were in the similar situation when I was in NZ, can you let me know who's your lender or mortgage broker please? this will be a big help for me. Thanks so much!

Reply from adaz 1 year ago.

Hi there me and my family are moving to Australia soon we were just wondering would my credit rating follow us over there as we plan on buying a house. My debts has been cleared but have no been removed off files as of yet. Has anyone in a similar situation been successful in purchasing a home or home land packages in aud with not so good credit rating in nz.

Reply from mozziemo 15 years ago.

Moving from NZ, your credit history stays here. So you can start fresh in australia

Reply from sealover 12 years ago.

Dos anyone have experience with moving to NZ when you have bad credit in OZ? Does it follow you?

Reply from joe-blow 12 years ago.

Hi sealover

My sister in law had bad credit before she moved to Bunbury. She had a 10,000 bank loan she never payed listed with baycorp and telecom bills. Within 3 months of moving to Aussie she had credit cards and a personal loan! So i would say for her her credit didnt follow her.

Reply from kt 12 years ago.

Hi I lived in Aussie about 7 years ago, and was just wondering would my TFN (Tax File Number) still be active and also had a westpac account would I, be able to reactivate it? Thanks

Reply from kiwiboy 12 years ago.

Hi, I've just moved to Oz 2 weeks ago. I have 20k owing to GE and Q card back in NZ. If I don't pay it will it affect me getting a loan for a car or a house in Oz later down the track? I've been told yes and no so really want a definitive answer. Please help!

Reply from trapped-kiwi 11 years ago.

I arrived bad from Aussie 2004 to look after my sick mother had some bad credit I got credit ok in NZ after few months ok i started a business it went great My mum deid 6 mths after i arrived started business here as she was the only family I had and find know anyone here as I lived i Melbourne & Perth 18 yrs was happy there but last 8 yrs in Auckland have been there worst time of my life I hate being here 4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with bone disease my work is fisical so can't work and have decided to go bankrupt I owe allot to IRD and others I need to fo back to Oz for new start, can anyone advise me if i need to go bankrupt cause I don't intend to ever come Back was told after 7 yrs away frm Aussie all bad debt will be wiped if for se Reason I Sid have to ome Back will I be stopped de going back? Sorry for life story but any longer here there isn't one. Please any info is appreciated.

Reply from ripped 11 years ago.

I'm in NZ and have been ripped off by a former Kiwi now living in Aussie but still selling stuff over here. How do I get any money awarded to me by the Tribunal off her? what's the best way?

Reply from catinthehat 10 years ago.

Hi all been reading this thread. But was wondering is there a definite answer?

We're moving to Sydney really soon and was wondering how your credit history in NZ will work when looking for a rental property.

Also I heard that Veda the same credit check tool in Nz is us d in Au does that mean there is no potential to get a credit card in case you don't have the flashiest credit history?

Reply from taz 9 years ago.

Hi, please can someone answer this question honestly. My partner and I are going to OZ in June for a 2 week holiday next year. we both have debt with dun and brad street in NZ of about $5000 combine. Will we get stopped at the airport here in NZ? I don't want to ring them as we have been avoiding them for about 3 years now.

Reply from hastag 9 years ago.

I have moved to NZ from Australia, I have quite a few defaults on my credit in Australia. I want to get a personal loan in NZ. Does anyone know which banks and lenders check Australian credit reports?

Reply from amy 9 years ago.

hi there, I owe baycorp 2000 from an unpaid bank loan and planing on moving to Aussie in the next few weeks does any body know if I will be stopped at the Air port?

Help please.. .

Reply from singh-22 8 years ago.

Hi i have bad credit history in australia and vodaphone contract to i am movie to newzealand after 3 yrs does my credit history go with me to NZ ???

If i apply for phone will they cancel and inform to baycorp ???

Reply from bala 7 years ago.

Hi all please give me a helpful answer. I'm planning to move to NZ from Australia because of bad credit. Life fully fucked up... I'm unable to do anything. I have been paralysed. But no bankruptcy. Please give some ideas for a fresh start. Will my Australian credit history follow me when I move to NZ?

Reply from julianne 7 years ago.

Does anyone know if your Australian debt goes with you to NZ? Does your Australian credit history effect getting a rental home in NZ? In Australia Credit history doesn't effect getting a rental.. Only bad rental history does. Is this the same in NZ?

Reply from fob 6 years ago.

Hi all, heading to Victoria from NZ with bad credit with baycorp. Would this affect me with renting a property and financing a car?

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