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Posted by peachfairy 17 years ago.

Cost of living in Australia

What do you need to be able to drive in Australia? How do you buy a vehicle? Are WOF and registration requirements the same as here? Thanks!

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Reply from hardman 5 years ago.

If you're coming to NSW and need to register your car for the first time (brand new vehicle) then you don't need a WoF or what they call here safety check for a period of 5 years, then it's annually after this period.

These checks can be done at most mechanics state wide and take around half an hour costing $65 AUD, you then will need to purchase what's called a "greenslip" from one of six licenced insurers, the cost for which varies greatly depending on your driving history, where you live, and even if you're a member of the NRMA (AA) example: Audi's and BMW's are usually more expensive than Kia's for this due to perceived prestige here....then it's just a case of hopping into Service NSW or your local police station if you're remote and paying your registration, this can also be paid online :)

Reply from kirsty 17 years ago.

From what I understand there is no wof required but you will have to register your car which is very pricey. $880 AUD for one year which can be paid in 2x 6 month installments. The cost of registering your car includes third party insurance for your car so that mean you are covered if you hit someone for the cost of repairs on their car, not yours though.

Reply from frankie 16 years ago.

Just to add to what Kirsty has provided - the Thrid Party coverage in the car registration covers Legal Liability. In Australia if you are at fault in an accident you can be sued - for medical expenses, lost wages, damages to property, etc. The CTP Compulsory Third Party is to protect you up to $1 million if you are sued. In reality you still need comprehensive car insurance and the car insurance companies do offer lower premiums for a "fire and theft" policy.

In Queensland car registration is around $600 and you do not need to surrender your NZ drivers licence to get a Queensland drivers licence.

Used car prices are much higher in Australia than in New Zealand, due to the lack of overseas imports. We sold a Toyota Celica with 50,000kms for $3500 when we left and paid $7000 for a Toyota Corolla with 95,000kms and 3 years older.

There is no WOF like system in Queensland - I can't comment on the other States. But there has been talk recently of introducing something. The police are tasked with identifiy cars that are not road worthy. I have heard there used to be road side inspections for this but with the poice being so busy with other things they have not happened for years.

Reply from kiwi-chick 16 years ago.

Also - you are only allowed to drive on your NZ licence for 3 months, then you must transpose the licence to the state licence. You generally have to submit the licence - but we requested that we keep hold of them as a form of ID and they were good with that, just make sure you ask.

Reply from autistic-mom 16 years ago.

Would u need to surrender your drivers licence if u moved to nsw?

Reply from teesol 15 years ago.

You don't need to surrender your licence in Perth or Melbourne. Car rego in Perth is AUD $458.00, this also covers Third Party insurance. There is no WOF here but cars are expensive in Australia compared to NZ. Also when you buy you have to pay stamp duty, this is invoiced when the change of name is done.

Reply from kiwigurl 15 years ago.

my husband got his NSW licence on our arrival (feb 09) and did not have to surrender his nz licence, nor was he asked to. he paid $150 for a 5 years licence.

Reply from johne 14 years ago.

there never has been a requirement to surrender a nz drivers license in any state of aus

Reply from dallas 13 years ago.

could you still drive in australia on a nz restricted license??

Reply from dallas 13 years ago.

could you still drive in australia on a nz restricted license??

Reply from moviefan 13 years ago.

NO warrant in NSW, but the rego is a lot more expensive. But as you dont have a warrant, I suppose, there is the balance. Correct, I'm a Bus Driver. You can drive for 3 months on NZ licence before it must be changed, as I had to do mine immediately, and my wife could wait. If your living in NSW, cheap cars/ very good quality out at Mount Druitt/Saint Marys. That's our experience.

Interesting for Kiwigirl

Reply from mario 8 years ago.

Hi all, I am moving to Sydney next month and from what I have learnt from above post is that I can drive on NZ driver license for up to 3 months in NSW before I apply for Aus D/L.

I am planning to import my 2009 BMW as its a very good car and got low mileage on it. The cost of used car seems to be a lot in Sydney.

I do understand that car reg includes 3rd party insurance, but any idea whats the best place to get full comprehensive policy? any recommendations?


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