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Posted by tans1970 12 years ago.

Child with Cochlear Implant

We have a daughter with a Cochlear Implant and am trying to find out if we are eligible for paid ongoing care and habilitation for her when we move to Australia. I have emailed the Hear & Say Centre in Australia but have not yet had a reply so trying to find out by other means.

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Reply from ex-aussie-mum 12 years ago.

As far as I am aware, children (or possibly anyone) who is applying to relocate to Aus is refused :( My cousin who has a daughter with special needs was refused an immigrants visa for him and his family based on this. The reason being (from the government) - someone with current and ongoing special needs is refused entry on the basis that there is already a significant strain on the medicare system. I hope you hear back otherwise but this is my experience.

Reply from tans1970
12 years ago.

Hi I had a reply from the Hear & Say Centre and they confirmed that they would take over our care. This was what they said "In terms of costs related to mapping, if you obtain a Medicare card on your arrival to Australia and have a referral from a GP or medical practitioner, there is no out of pocket expense. The same is true for our Auditory Verbal therapy which would be provided weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your childs need". I guess it all depends on the child's circumstances and possibly what state you are moving to, but I was very pleased to receive this reply.

Reply from anna-guatieri 11 years ago.

We are New Zealands citizens and we are moving to Australia. We have a child who he is 12 years old and he is an autistic. He is placed at the moment on a treatment home. Is he going to covered my Australia Medicare when he moves there? thank you

Reply from julius-c 9 years ago.

Hi Tans, can you please share email information on Hear and Say centre - who you contacted with these queries. I also wanted to know about how the schooling system works for immigrants with CI kids..

My son already has both implant surgeries done and rehab is in progress.


Reply from linz 9 years ago.

Hi there my son has Microtia/Atresia. Would he be covered in Australia for future tests/hearing aids/operations? Here in NZ he is fully covered. Audiology appointments, hearing aid etc.. Thanks :)

Reply from chidhumo 5 years ago.

I am curious whether tans1970 succeded. We are in a similar situation with out 4 year old son with cochlear implants on both ears. Some people say the visa will be declined. Any experience of parents who have migrated with kids having cochlear implants??

Reply from harsha 2 years ago.

Hello all, I am planning to apply for a permanent residency in Australia. Does anyone know if a child of 12 years with cochlear implant and no other medical condition would be eligible for permanent residency? Thanks in advance