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Posted by pregnant 16 years ago.

Can you still get the baby bonus if you are due to give birth within 2 months of moving to Australia?

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Reply from mum-of-4 16 years ago.

I think if you have your baby in Australia you get a one off payment, try looking at centrelink website.

Reply from shan 16 years ago.

I've been told that you can still get a lump payment up to the babies age of 6 months, even if they were born in New Zealand.

Reply from fashionat85 16 years ago.

But having a baby over there is not the same as here. Yes you do get a 1 of payment, but you do not get paid maternity leave. The amount of money you get in maternity leave in NZ is equal to the lump sum in AU

Reply from kiwigurl 15 years ago.

you can get the baby bonus up until the baby is 24 weeks, regardless of whether born in nz or australia. good friends of ours moved over when their baby was 4 weeks old, and got a pleasant surprise in their bank account. they queried it as they did not want to have to repay it if it were a mistake, they were told that they were entitled to it as they were kiwis and baby was under 24weeks old.

Reply from junabb 14 years ago.

Up until Jan 2009, the baby bonus was paid as a lump sum, approx. AUD$5100, this is now paid in 13 fortnightly installments, this bonus is paid per child, so if you have twins, etc, you get double. This also applies if you adopt a child. You do have to be an Australian resident but this includes Kiwis on a New Zealand passport as long as they have an Aussie address, and payment is subject to an income test. Another change is you're given 52 weeks from the date of birth to lodge a claim, the best place to check all this out is

Reply from aucks 14 years ago.

Hi there

very informative site. Quick question about the lump sum payment. My fiancee is Kiwi I am a NZ permanaent resident, would we be entitled to the payment, i.e. is it suffiecient for just one parent to be a NZ citizen?

Reply from pammie 13 years ago.

Hey just to add on to the question...I am moving to australia in 2 months...I am 3months now which means ill be giving birth to the baby in aus. Are there any costs or anything that i need to be aware of before i move over as i heard it was quite expensive to give birth in aus for those that are not citizens.

Reply from nina 13 years ago.

We moved here in october and I was 6 month pregnant. Not only is all medical care covered but I had my son a month early after being in the country 2 months and am currently recieving the baby bonus. He is not an oz citizen until he is 10 and we have to register him as a kiwi by decent to get him a passport so he will be a dual cit at 10 ... hope this helps :)