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Posted by pinaynzmover 7 years ago.

Can my temporary resident (sub class 461) husband be able to a medicare card and car loans?

I am an NZ citizen but my husband isn't. He has a temporary resident visa that allows him to work, live and study for 5 years in Australia. We want to move to Brisbane in the next 3 months. The site has a lot of very helpful information. If anyone knows about what subclass 461 visas can do with regards to medicare and car loans, renting etc. Will they be treated like NZ citizens as well? Thank you.

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Reply from pinaynzmover
7 years ago.

typo* I meant to say can my temporary resident husband be able to access a medicare card and car loans? Thanks

Reply from geordie 7 years ago.

As a 461 holder, your husband cannot access Medicare. He must arrange for Private Medical Insurance prior to the visa being granted (the case officer will ask for proof). He can apply for car loan subject to the usual criteria such as income etc.

Reply from diggs 7 years ago.

Does your husband have NZ permanent residency? I'm a kiwi, my wife is in the same boat and we are wondering the same question, would she receive medicare in Australia? She has permanent residency in NZ.