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Posted by maddys11 16 years ago.

Can Kiwis rent in Australia straight away?

I have no close relatives in Aussie but am planning to move over with my 4 sons.

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Reply from jason 12 years ago.

We moved to Perth in December and have only just found a place to live. The market is insanely competitive, especially if you want to live near the CBD. We found it very difficult to provide enough ID and references to satisfy the agents to begin with, mainly because they can't be bothered calling NZ when they have 15 equally as good Aussie applications to choose from.

So my advice to anyone moving to Perth would be to take as much proof of past addresses as possible. That means old phone bills, power bills, bank statements, WRITTEN references and pay slips etc. They can be very tricky to get hold of once you're over here.

Reply from melbourne-maven 16 years ago.

Yes, absolutely! We had no relatives in Melbourne when we shifted and we used references from NZ in our rental application. Everything went fine - we didn't have any delays just because we were kiwis.

Our experience is that people don't treat kiwis much differently (if at all) from Aussie citizens for things like tenancy applications etc. They're more concerned with the usual issues that apply to everyone - like whether or not you can afford the rent and what your credit rating is like etc.

Reply from maddys11
16 years ago.

Thank you very much for the prompt answer, much appreciated.

Reply from jemma 16 years ago.

Hi, im planning on moving to aussie in a few months too....with renting is it difficult to rent with NZ references? also how can they check your credit rating?

Reply from kiwigurl 15 years ago.

in our experience, you have to have proof of income here in australia, some agencies prefer proof of income for at least 3 months. So yes you can rent on arrival, but probably only if you have a job set up before you come over. You will need your contract stating pay p/f.

Reply from autistic-mom 16 years ago.

I guess if u provide more evidence your worthy of renting a property over their then i guess it gives them a better chance of accepting u i guess im reading diffrent sites to get a pre understanding of what i'd need because i wish to move to Australia

Reply from meandfamily 14 years ago.

My husband and I have owned our own home for over 25 years and therefore do not have any references for renting a house in Oz. Is it possible and if so, how do you rent a place if without any references.

Reply from lisa-524 14 years ago.

Hi, We are moving to Brisbane in June & were wondering what sort of information Renatl agencies require to rent off them? Do we need proof of address in New Zealand?

Reply from nz2oz 14 years ago.

you need Identification, eg, passport, bank account details, drivers license and you'll need 3mths proof of income, 4wks bond and 2wks to move in. References are essential. From my experience the real estate agents are really particular in deciding on a tenent. But if you can provide all of those details you'll be home and humming..... Good Luck

Reply from tr2gc 13 years ago.

Panicked! EEEEK HELP! The only property Ive rented was 5years ago the Landlord at the time was Barfoot & Thompson here in South Auckland but the ownership of the house has been bought by a property investor who is really no where to be found, the person I was in contact with happens to be a family member of his and is hopeless at answering his phone. How am I able to get reference from the landlord if I have no way of contacting them? I've never missed a payment of rent and have only been in the house for only 6months. Desperate to rent when I land in G.C. I have no reference and no reliable phone number to back it up :-(

Reply from griselda 13 years ago.

If you dealt with Barfoot & Thompson to begin with, then just put them as a reference and don't worry about the other person.

Reply from jess 12 years ago.

I am moving to melbourne in a few months time..what should ido about my living untill i'v sorted a place to rent in when i hop of the plan what living plan should i have in place for me? is it possible to sort out rent before you move over?

Reply from rach 12 years ago.

Are references essential? We are planning on moving to Perth, and have been home owners, and haven't rented before. Do you have any suggestions on how we could get around this? Thanks

Reply from grace 12 years ago.

If you don't have any renting references, then put down your previous/current employers, or someone you are a good customer of (warn them you are doing this in advance of course). Other people to consider would be your doctor, a family friend or work colleague. You can also offer to pay several months rent in advance, which is a strategy that is increasingly common. Make sure you are well dressed and tidy when you turn up to property inspections. We've noticed that real estate agents seem to automatically hone in on the people who look are quiet, friendly and dressed well. It helps if you make an effort to speak to the estate agent at the inspection too, as then they are more likely to remember you amidst the pile of applications.

Reply from lish 12 years ago.

Renting in Mackay has proven to be more difficult than we predicted. The hubby has been here for 6weeks now and still no luck! Just got here last week with our two kids and applying for anything and everything at this stage.

Reply from kiwichic 12 years ago.

i'm wanting to move to australia, i'm a single parent to three small children, is it possible to rent a place in queensland before we move from new zealand, so we have a place to ship our things to or would it be more ideal if i house hunt before moving even if i don't have a job lined up?

Reply from bubad3 12 years ago.

Hi, I have been seeking a rental home in perth for a family of 2 couples and 1 child, currently husband & son recently moved over for work promotion and are boarding with family. when appling for a rental properties through agency, do I NOTE their current A.U residential details, contacts etc? or please advise not sure what personal details that need to be noted in application form when appling online???

Reply from motherof6 12 years ago.

Hi there, just new here. We are looking at the possibility to move to Perth. How much is the approximate rent for a 4 bed house? Which ones are good children-family suburbs with good primary and secondary schools around? As well, how much do you pay for public but good school? I know, I have lots of questions, thanks in advance

Reply from sarah 12 years ago.

Is it always 3 months proof of income that you need for rentals? That is awful that you have to wait three months until you can rent your own home. The couple running this website said it only took them two weeks. Has anyone else got a house quicker than 3 months? Thanks

Reply from howickmum 12 years ago.

Hi there...I'm new to this and have more or less the same questions as "Motherof6. We have just sold our house and we're planning to leave mid-June. We are planning to settle in Baldivis/ Rockingham, Perth. I would really appreciate info on rental properties,good primary schools and colleges in and around these areas.

Thanks heaps guys.

Reply from melbourne-kiwi 12 years ago.

I decided to pack up and go to melbourne last week, so i should be there next wednesday according to my plans. But I havent found a place to stay yet. If anyone could help with ideas that would be fantastic. Ta

Reply from kiwinana 12 years ago.

Hi, we are moving to the Gold Coast at the beginning of June. We are a recently retired couple with family in GC and will be looking to rent a property there. We have been home owners for many years so don't have any rental references.

What other documentation would be suitable to provide for rental agencies? Would a reference from the person who purchased our business (had worked for us for 4 years prior to purchasing) be suitable?

Great site for answering questions, thanks.

Reply from gc-couple 12 years ago.

Rented a unit in the GC from New Zealand. Inquired about 17 units, 8 replies, 7 said we could rent if we or anyone we nominated (friend or rello living in Aus) viewed the property, 1 let us rent from NZ if we signed a sight unseen waiver but wanted 3 months rent upfront.

Reply from tmas275 12 years ago.

hi i am a solo mum with 7 children i have had many houses in new zealand some i was good with my rent a couple not so good i am looking at moving to brisbane but i dont want to be staying with my ex inlaws i am sending 4 of my kids earlier and will be leaving new zealand at the end of november the kids will be however with there dad until i get there yle they are there i will be paying of my debts in new zealand and doing my passport and save up for myself and my 3 other children can you please help me out with a solution as i am stuck on what to do

Reply from elnaz 11 years ago.

hi there, my partner and I are moving to Melbourne in a month and we haven't managed to find a place. We don't have any relatives nor friends over there to stay with when we get off the plane, what can we do if we do not find a place for rent?

Reply from nzer99 11 years ago.

I'm moving over to Melbourne next month. So I've been looking into the rental situation. I decided to make contact with a few property managers over there (they know the industry best, right?) Basically I've been told if you have no rental references you need to offer something that makes you stand out, eg: offering to pay $5-$10 extra in rent or offering an extra bond even including references from ex employers is helpful. The main thing I've figure out that property managers in Australia, particularly Melbourne care about is if you can afford it so having 3 months worth of bank statements would definitely not fall astray.

You need to be able to show that you're the best person for the place that means being organised and ready to go too.

Reply from jax 11 years ago.

Hey guys

Im moving over to Brisbane, and I was wondering apparently you have to view the place before you move in, and I was wondering how do I go about that? Im only looking for a 1 bedroom unit, since it will just be me and id rather be independant. I have a reference and Ill have bond money etc, just wonedring if it would be easy? Also what suburbs should I keep well away from in Brisbane?

Reply from kiwiinauz 11 years ago.

We found it difficult to find a rental in Perth, especially looking around the months of Dec, Jan. We'd go to 'home opens' as they are called here. You register to go and view and then there are about 10 other people there looking, 2 home opens we went to there were over 30 people there. The rental maybe $360, but then you have people who offer $400 to rent the property etc... On the other hand, at the very same time my sister was looking for a rental in Melbourne, she was the only one who turned up at the 'home open' and was offered the rental on the spot! Lucky for us it came down to 'who you know' A kiwi friend of ours was moving back home and asked her landlord if we could take over and that is how we got our place.

Reply from atahua 11 years ago.

hi id love to move to Australia from christchurch for work but i need to find rental accommadation for my partner an daughter is the rental housing prices high as they are here. thanks

Reply from wilko88 10 years ago.

When you are here, try using for getting all your gear to your new home. They were awesome for me!

Reply from nzoz 9 years ago.

I have been trying to apply for rentals here in Sydney and have found out I have two defaults with collection agencies back in nz both paid off but still on record I feel we won't be able to get a rental because of me, my husband has a clean slate though? Has anyone else had this problem too with real estates checking credit rating as I only have my nz passport as ID.

Reply from isthegrassgreenerinaus 8 years ago.

Hi Everyone.

I've literally spent all morning combing through this forum looking for answers, as i've made the decision to move to Melbourne sometime in the next year but I was really wanting to know what I was in for.

first question, am I able to rent a house/flat/unit anything with four walls really, if I haven't rented before? with a bad credit history in NZ? in the process of paying though, hence the reason of the move really

I wanted to stay with family but I wouldn't wanna be in the way, so I wanted to live alone, if anyone could please help me out that would be awesome :) *ps, flatting with strangers is a No!

Reply from puppygirl 8 years ago.

Great site.... Am retiring next year.selling up Moving to Perth to be closer to children & help raise grandchildren. Would rather children moved back here,but theres no jobs. My plan::::::: Sell up here.... Buy a place with a granny flat(rather put a deposit on a house)the kids & grandies move in together,they pay the mortgage & will eventually own the place.(as its harder for the young ones to own a home these days,so this will give them a good start) & in our retirement help out with kids & go do our own thing & work part time & enjoy what life we have left before we pop off.... Am I dreaming?????is this doable???? What would We need to do ,in regard to medicare,pensions etc etc(l will be on a husband has a few years yet.... Have to start the ball rolling now ,as we plan to move next april 2017 Any help for a smooth transition would be grateful.... Blessings.

Reply from puppygirl 8 years ago.

Love to see some latest moves of 2016 listed.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š

Reply from murphy25 7 years ago.

Anything from 2016/2017?

Reply from kiwilad 6 years ago.

Am keen to move to Melb early next year. Has the market changed much? Have friends that have a house, so could possibly crash there but really want to move into a small 1 person apartment str8 away, any advice?

Reply from sim 6 years ago.

I was just wondering - me and my partner are looking at moving over to Brisbane next year. How long does it take to get a house? I heard you need 3 month's rental income? Is this a must?

Reply from jmarie 6 years ago.

My partner & I are looking into moving to the gold coast with our 1 year old but would prefer to have a house before we get there as it will be so much easier with a baby. How difficult is it to get a place? We have only rented 1 house in NZ. Also Is 3 months income a must?

Reply from kahu 5 years ago.

Hi me and my husband are looking at moving to Australia next year from New Zealand. I was wondering what the requirements are for renting houses?

Reply from desperate-need 5 years ago.

hi all so i just moved to Melbourne 4 months ago from NZ with my wife and now 2 kids (newborn born here 1 month ago). We are currently staying with family but its really quite sardined in as we are all staying in 1 room and desperately need the space. I've been working full time as a casual through a recruitment company for 3months with steady pay weekly. We have all our IDs, licenses etc, but no luck with houses.

I know we aren't citizens here but is there anyway we can fast track this process? We have saved enough for bond plus 4 weeks rent. We had been staying with our parents in NZ so no actual tenancy evidence.

Just a young family in need of a home otherwise its back to NZ, as living in one room is unbearable. 13 people in one house is how bad it is at the moment. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated, Ta

Reply from jojo28 5 years ago.

If you could get some sort of reference from your parents as well as any from your previous jobs back home? Don't give up on hope, I was in the same situation and I have four kids was having doubts that I would never be able to find a house. Just keep applying everywhere.

Reply from jojo28 5 years ago.

What part of Melbourne are you in? This could make a difference.

Reply from heaven 5 years ago.

I am wanting to move from nz to Australia without living with relatives . How would I go about this ? Will I need a job lined up ? Or ?

Reply from nzgal 4 years ago.

Hi, I have a job lined up and planning to move to Brisbane. I have good references and wondering if it's possible to line up a rental before leaving NZ? Do you they check credit if we use an Australian drivers licence?

Reply from lex-lucifer 2 years ago.

hi guys

looking at moving to melbourne over the next 4-5 weeks - what is rent like in melbourne overall??

Reply from jimmy 2 years ago.

Not sure in other cities but in Canberra, rental market is very tight, they do "open home" like selling a house, potential tenants come to inspect on that day (hard to make individual inspection like in NZ), if you are interested in, you are asked to fill a pre-tenancy form and submit to agent. The agent will do all checks like in NZ, then landlord will decide to offer you the place or not.

Melbourne and Sydney rental markets may be more competitive/easier than regional cities due to low vacancy rate. Check websites like,, for more information.

Reply from hi-im-going-to-move-to-australia-in-tasmania-my 11 months ago.

Can I apply before Iโ€™m there?

Reply from wsamuel 10 months ago.

Hello am looking to relocate my family of 4 to Melbourne from NZ in under 3 months. We are Citizens of NZ. Can we secure a house to rent before we move over? We have 30k in savings. Can we secure a house with savings instead of providing evidence of pay slips ?. We can do an upfront payment of 3months.

Reply from help-with-rental-accommodation 6 months ago.

Hello there, family of 5 moving to Sydney, can I use my payslips from NZ as i will be also working from home with my current job?

Reply from toniez1 16 years ago.

hi does your good or bad credit rating follow u over to oz when you move over

Reply from 67model2012 11 years ago.

Hi does anyone know what the blue card or the yellow card system job requirements ask for please. Ive read this a few times in the support workers job sector in the queensland region.

Reply from krysiej 11 years ago.

@67model2012, blue card system is required to work on construction sites (costs $80) or working with kids (costs$30) and can't remember how long it takes to get the card. I don't know anything about the yellow card though, sorry. @Elnaz, we are in the same situation. We have waited to move over to Melbourne for awhile but have been trying to sell the second car and after trying to find a rental for over 2 months. I think we will start looking again once we're there and either flat or stay in serviced apartments or you could try which is quite good for short-term stays and the hosts are very helpful :) Do post anything you think could be helpful though please, would be much appreciated! Best regards

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