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Posted by beemer 14 years ago.

Can Kiwis receive IVF (fertility treatment) in Australia?

Hi, we are Kiwis and may be moving to Australia (Brisbane area), however I need IVF. What is the waiting list like for IVF? How much rebate will I get with Medicare? Is there a cut-off age for IVF? Can we have as much IVF as we want and still continue to get Medicare rebates?

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Reply from norza 13 years ago.

this is something i would love to know, i am currently living in NZ, my husband makes the move to Aussie next week.... we need IVF treatment and i want to know if we are eligible for this being a Kiwi n Aussie?

Reply from brigette 13 years ago.

I would REALLY like to know the anwser too please!

Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

Yes, from what I have read Kiwis can get IVF treatment in Australia. New Zealanders can get the Medicare card when they shift to Australia permanently, and Medicare gives a rebate on quite a large chunk of the costs involved.