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Posted by beemer 14 years ago.

Can Kiwis receive IVF (fertility treatment) in Australia?

Hi, we are Kiwis and may be moving to Australia (Brisbane area), however I need IVF. What is the waiting list like for IVF? How much rebate will I get with Medicare? Is there a cut-off age for IVF? Can we have as much IVF as we want and still continue to get Medicare rebates?

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Reply from norza 13 years ago.

this is something i would love to know, i am currently living in NZ, my husband makes the move to Aussie next week.... we need IVF treatment and i want to know if we are eligible for this being a Kiwi n Aussie?

Reply from brigette 13 years ago.

I would REALLY like to know the anwser too please!

Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

Yes, from what I have read Kiwis can get IVF treatment in Australia. New Zealanders can get the Medicare card when they shift to Australia permanently, and Medicare gives a rebate on quite a large chunk of the costs involved.

Reply from tamara 3 days ago.

I've read that yes, Kiwis can receive IVF treatment at fertility clinics in Australia.

You could try looking at this fertility clinic called Fertility First, it says they don't have waiting list for their donor egg program and they don't impose an age limit for accessing their donor egg program.

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