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Posted by debbie 16 years ago.

Can Kiwis claim child support payments from Centrelink?

We're planning on moving over to Australia early next year and I have a friend who has been there with her family almost 2 years. She has told me we will be entitled to Centrelink payments for our daughter, given my partner doesn't earn over $90,000. Does anyone know if this is correct? Can Kiwis moving over claim straight away for child support related payments? Is there anything we are able to receive after moving?

1 reply on 15 October 2008.
Reply from mayflower 16 years ago.

Your best bet is to contact Centrelink for clarification, but from my own research, without citizenship, it appears that the only things NZ citizens aren't eligible for is the sickness benefit, unemployment benefit and government assistance for students (loans, allowances)

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