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Posted by eliasmum 14 years ago.

Can I walk my husband through customs Australia and return to NZ so that he can secure work before moving me and our 2 babies over permanently?

I am a Kiwi, my husband is Egyptian. He will be entering Australia on a SCV sub-class 461 visa. We have 2 small children (under the age of 2 years old). He (may) be able to get a job transfer from his work here - we are yet to confirm this. Irregardless, we feel time that its best if he can start work in Australia, have 1 or 2 pay checks behind him and set up a house, furniture, car etc before me and the children to arrive.

Am I allowed to just walk him across the Australian boarder and return to NZ the following day awaiting the all clear to move with the children? Will customs think its dodgy that I have a return ticket and not a lot of baggage and decline entrance to Australia? Should I purchase the return ticket the following day? Will walking him through affect our permanent residency application (when we apply next year)? Will walking him through affect our entitlements to FTC and other government assistance for the children (We will be eligible for baby bonus since our youngest will be less than 52 weeks old when we apply) Is there anything else I should consider?

If you can help me figure this out I would be soooooooo grateful!


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Reply from graciedeska 14 years ago.

Hi EliasMum,

It might be fine to just stay a couple of nights in Australia with your husband and then return home, but I would be inclined to stay in Australia a bit longer than just a night or two as very short trips can lead to questions at immigration!

I think it would look better if it appears you are moving over permanently when you arrive and you stay in Australia for a week or so before returning, however I'm not sure if there are any official rules regarding walking your husband through and then returning. From the information here ( it seems like the main thing is that you are with him when you first go over.

Have you thought about contacting Australian immigration to check? I'm sure they've had similar questions before. When I've called them they have been very friendly and helpful.

I don't think it should affect your permanent residency application or your family benefit entitlements :)

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