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Posted by anonymous 15 years ago.

Can I use my New Zealand driver's licence in Australia?

Reply from forum moderator 7 months ago on 3 November 2023.

Yes - for up to 3 months in most states (up to 6 months in Victoria).

After this time you are legally required to convert your license to an Australian equivalent. See our Driving in Australia page for the latest information about this.

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Reply from melburnian 15 years ago.

Yes - but you need to convert your license to one for your state within a certain period of time. In VIC, you can use your NZ license for 6 months before needing a VIC license. We just made an appointment at VicRoads, paid about $45 for a 3 year license, did a simple eye test and that was it. It all took about 15 mins.

Reply from trctr-unit-semi-trailer-hiab-drvr 8 years ago.

Does anyone know if you can drive trucks in Australia on your nz licence? Where there is tour buses or truck and trailers is it possible any info please

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