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Posted by mrsmrfy 13 years ago.

Can I transfer my NZ driver's licence if I am on a 461 visa?

I read in a previous post that all you need is your Kiwi passport and NZ driver's licence to get it changed to an Australian one. My dilemma is that I don't have a Kiwi passport. I am British but have permanent residency for NZ. Will I be able to trnasfer my NZ licence to an Australian one even though I'm not a NZ Citizen? What would I do without this site? So many queries are running through my mind!

1 reply on 07 January 2011.
Reply from graciedeska 13 years ago.

From what I understand, either you'll still be able to transfer to an Australian licence by showing your British passport and Australian permanent visa. Or, if you are on a temporary visa you can just keep driving on your UK or NZ licence for the duration of the visa. So one way or another you should be able to keep driving in Australia :)

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