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Posted by anonymous 12 years ago.

Can I move to Australia with a student loan?

I have a student loan of just over 30 grand and will be moving to live in Australia once I've finished the study year off, and then look for a job. I'll tell the IRD I'm moving, but will I be stopped and questioned by Customs about this debt, especially as I won't have a job verifying that yes, I do plan to work and pay it off from Australia?

Is anyone else in this situation or has had first hand advice? (And for those who may blast me, I'm not moving over with heaps of cash - just enough to get me there and settled with rent/utility bills and basics, til I start working). Also, I'll be going over with a couple of others who also have student loans (averaging about 17 grand each) - will this look even worse to Customs - all of us with student loans moving over together - or just normal?

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Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

I think a lot of people move to Australia with big student loans, so it's really nothing to worry about. As long as you notify the IRD you'll be overseas, you automatically get a 3 year repayment holiday. Make sure you keep your address up to date though, as after that time you'll be required to make payments again twice a year. If your address isn't up to date you may not get the reminder and end up with extra penalties.

Reply from rare-japan 1 day ago.

Official information from the IRD website about moving overseas:

Yes, you can move to Australia. Once you are out of NZ for 184 days, you will lose your interest free status on your student loan and it will accumulate interest.