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Posted by juddy 16 years ago.

Can I claim ACC in Australia?

Hi, if I'm on permanent ACC, can I claim it in Australia? And do they have a reciprocal arrangement with the NZ government? Thanks

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Reply from eliasmum 13 years ago.

I am an ex ACC staff.

You can continue to receive any permanent impairment payments but not weekly compensation if your move to Australia is more than a holiday. If you wish to have a re-assessment this will need to be done in NZ or by special arrangement with a competent medical examiner in Australia who is familiar with ACC legislation.

You are allowed to holiday but you will need to notify you case manager, make sure your medical certificates will see you through the time in which you are absent.

You will not be entitled to any treatment (physio, surgical appointments, prosthetics etc) while over there as that treatment is available in NZ, unless prior approved specialist care and new surgical procedures which are not yet available in NZ - this is a long and arduous process to go through.

There is no reciprocal arrangement with any Australian compensation scheme as there is no accident cover in Australia for non-work related injuries ie Only injuries occurring at work are automatically covered in Australia.

If you fall at home and break your leg, medicare will cover the medical costs of your injury but there is NO WEEKLY COMPENSATION or LUMP SUM PAYMENTS unless you have purchased income protection insurance or are able to sue for negligence, if you are not a permanent resident for more than 2 years even Centerlink (WINZ) will not be able to assist you.

Hope that helps

Reply from mayflower 15 years ago.

easiest way to find out is to contact ACC.

Reply from ray 7 years ago.

Good day. I have been with ACC for 11 years now. I am going to Australia as my daughter is permanently ill. I am 74 years old and disabled with chronic pain and severe depression. I travel badly by plane and have to be sedated. Can I use impairment assessors in Australia?

Reply from confused-springbaby 6 years ago.

Hi Ray I am in a similar position as Mayflower but I live in Australia & have had assessments, been approved by ACC & thought I would be receiving a lump sum payment but told it will now be an ILA, so now I’m totally confused. What do you think?

Reply from ninjashortie 5 years ago.

If im living in Australia but was sexually abused as a child in NZ I am still receving a sensitive claim payment every 3 months. How long will this contine. For life was what i was told but is this true?

Reply from wahinetoa 1 year ago.

Sensitive claim.IA You can opt for the 5 year payment..easier than every 3 months

Reply from toothless 3 years ago.

as a child I broke tooth. ACC covered the cost of dental work and the tooth was grinded to a stump and a cap was set over the top by the dentist in NZ when I was 13/14 years old.

As I have move to Australia for work and the cap has broken off the stump, this caused the good (original tooth) to move forward over the years and my bite became compromise that when I bite down the good tooth became wiggly and while eating an Apple the tooth bent forward and came out.

my questions are:

  1. is my good tooth covered by the fact the first tooth Broke?

  2. will ACC cove cost if Australian Dentist do the work or is ACC claims only for New Zealand Dentist (meaning I'll have to travel home to have this work done)

  3. what is the Max you can claim before you have to pay out of your pocket, or can Private Health Insurance work with ACC claims.

I myself am not a vain person, however... HOWEVER... two missing front teeth is the first this people notice about me, I know they talk about the way I speck now, my mates take the P I S S but they are only being honest are in my face what other wont say. so I do think it will impact on the type of jobs I can apply for and I can see how others would feel with dental problems to their self esteem and self projection of one self.


Reply from hearme 5 months ago.

Hi i had a hearing aid claim in New Zealand i was able to receive new hearing aids every 10 years however i now live in Australia past 12 years.

am i still able ti receive new hearing aids if so how do i claim.

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