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Posted by monhaven 9 years ago.

Assistance or support for NZer living in Australia facing hard times.

Hi, hopefully someone can give me some advice. My brother lives in Brisbane. He moved there from NZ in the late 1980's. He met someone and had a son in 1995. His partner died of cancer around 2004 and he has raised his son on his own. He has struggled so much over the years and has not been able to find any work for many years. he is in his 50's and has become very depressed and not coping at all. he has the unemployment benefit but made to apply for so many jobs and he has been fighting hard to find work, but every job he applies for he gets turned down and gets more depressed. Centrelink threatened to take away benefit because he can't find work. it really is a vicious cycle. We are helping him financially from NZ, but is there any other organisation out there that can assist him. He can not come back to NZ at the moment due to a court case pending which has been a result of his bad fortune in Australia. He is so stuck and we are at a loss of how to help him. Was hoping there maybe some social organisation that can help ?