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Posted by lacyme 13 years ago.

As a Kiwi citizen moving to Australia, can one get cancer treatment whilst living there and an invalids benefit?

I have advanced breast cancer and have to have treatments every 3 weeks for the rest of my life. I have met a lovely person who lives in Aussie and we would like to pursue a relationship.

In order to do this, I am the one that has to move. Can I get my treatments in Australia?

Also, here in NZ I am currently on an invalids benefit. Is there a benefit I can recieve in Australia, or can I keep receiving my New Zealand benefit??

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Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

You won't be able to receive the invalids benefit in Australia unfortunately, as New Zealanders are not entitled to any social security help unless they become permanent residents.

Regarding entering Australia, the special category visa requirements do say that you need to meet health and character requirements, but I can't find exactly what these are.

I would suggest checking with the Australian high commission in NZ first before going over:

The reason being that Australia might not be too keen on you getting costly treatment subsidised there, when you haven't been a tax payer previously.

All the best!