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Posted by sudner 12 years ago.

As a Kiwi, am I eligible for student loan and student allowance in Australia?

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Reply from graciedeska 12 years ago.

No, unfortunately New Zealanders are not eligible for any Centrelink payments until they become permanent residents. Even then there is a stand-down period of 2 years.

Reply from cons 9 years ago.

My daughter moved over to Perth from NZ. She will be studying online with Massey University (distance online) and will be entitled to a student loan and she can also apply for a student allowance. Go to Massey University website and study link for more information.

Reply from tracey-jacks 9 years ago.

In reponse to Cons reply regarding her daughter studying via Massey and the availability of student loan and allowance, could I please get a bit more info please on who to contact regarding loans, allowances etc?

Reply from mk 9 years ago.